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Professional Tagalog Teacher
Living in: Cavite
Last online: 1 mo., 2 days ago teacher since: Oct 15th, 2020
Rate: $10.00/hr

50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $10.00

About Me

Hello there! I am Jholan, a native Tagalog speaker. I always want people to see how beautiful our language is and I want to walk you through it.

I see teaching as akin to being a language tour guide, where I aim to showcase the allure of my beloved language, revealing its beauty, history, and the factors that make it captivating. Let me guide you through this linguistic journey.

Join me in exploring the richness of my beloved language, Filipino, as we embark on a meaningful language-learning journey together. I'm thrilled to be your language partner.

My Teaching Style

I tailor my teaching approach to each individual, considering their personality, preferences, and interests.

My focus centers around the four core language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Through activities, I assess the student's progress and determine areas that need more attention. Ensuring a enjoyable learning experience is a priority to keep my students engaged and motivated.


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50-minute Tagalog Lesson :: $10.00

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