SP 68: TIKTOK REVIEW Chill Stream | Pranks, Macho Dancing, Break Ups, and Extensive POETRY Talk. ☕
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Uploading this sidelined video from several weeks ago in the meantime while we're still too busy to record new episodes. #sawsawanpodcast #komiksman #chrisbacula Follow our official accounts: Subscribe to our separate channels: @komiksman and @chrisbaculapodcast on YouTube. Follow us everywhere: Are you ready for some hilarious and epic pranks? In this podcast, we will share with you some of the best pranks we have ever pulled on our friends, family and strangers. We will also tell you some of the pranks that went horribly wrong and how we dealt with the consequences. You will laugh, cringe and learn from our prankster experiences. Some of the pranks we will talk about include: The classic fake spider prank The scary clown prank The fake lottery ticket prank The exploding cake prank The fake pregnancy prank And many more! If you love pranks and want to hear
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