LIVE | Panayam kay MIAA OIC Bryan Co #News5 (June 9, 2023)
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... As of now, based on our debrief a while ago, kaya malinaw nung nag-usap kami with MSERV na sinabi nila, identified na natin ang root cause. Ito ang root cause kaya kung nalaman natin na iyon na at walang ibang systems na affected, that's when we energize. Kasi alam na natin na walang ibang posibeng equipment na kapag in-energize natin magkakaproblema.
Ito was a very quick coordination naman with MSERV so na-identify nila agad yung root cause. And because of that very quick action by MSERV, that's why we're able to energize within 37 minutes. So yes po Ms. Jackie, yun po yung root cause na na-identify ko.
... Ito may nagkaroon ng possible lapse in terms of the procedures that these technicians have to follow. And when this test equipment was supposed to be removed before energization, pero hindi siya natanggal, that caused the shortage in our system that caused the tripping of our substation.
In terms of the flights, what we know is there are 7 flights that were delayed. That 7 is already a combination of departing and arriving flights. Syempre yung mga arriving flights, hindi agad sila nakaduct because of the boarding bridges were interrupted briefly until the generators were able to kick in. Kaya nagka-delay ng iba, a delay of 20 minutes, 30 minutes. The most delay of flight in terms of departure is around 80 minutes po.
Domestic po. Combined na po yung 7 flights that were directly affected, domestic and international. I think 5 domestic po at 2 international flights.
So that's arrival and departure? Yes, combined na po. Yun yung mga directly affected. But of course we're still monitoring all of the possible delays throughout the day kasi there could be consequential delays but we can say that there will be no cancellations related to this power outage, power interruption.
As we speak, GM, are we powered by generator sets or is this the power supply? As we speak and as of 1.29 in the afternoon, the power of the main terminal building is already by Meralko. So it's fully energized by Meralko. When we were able to isolate already, ayun ang problema, then our engineers gave a go signal to send back the Meralko power.
So ang isolated na lang natin ngayon would be those areas that were affected which is the roadway 1 and roadway 2. Ongoing po ang restoration natin before we energize. Siyempre sisiguraduhin natin before we energize wala nang magulit na ganito ang possible na problem na ito.
Sir, anong siguro ang dami natatakot na pasa ito? Ano yung likelihood na magkaroon ulit ng ground capability?
So we gave instructions, unless sigurado tayo hindi silang makaka-effect o, huwag natin i-sync or i-re-energize hanggang maroon up natin lahat ng possibility. And they're very confident that after they do all the checks, they will report back to us. And once we give a go signal, pinangan sigurado tayo na hindi maulit itong Meralko.
Kasi again, it was a procedural lapse that caused this. It was not any equipment-related problem. It was because of that test equipment that was left before the substations were energized.
Sir, there were speculations on social media that the timing is questionable now that the privatization are in talks. Meron ba pinalaman ito sa privatization ng media?
I think it's not related to that. At least we can rule out other angles na nagsasabi na it's possible in relation to privatization. I think it's not related to that.
Sir, as per CAAP, nag-download na nga problema sa communications. Nag-download na nga power applications from tower to terminal. Ano pa yung mga ramp communications?
Wala pong momentary na nagkaroon ng outage or breakdown in communication between the tower and ramp, kaya naman tayo mga backup systems in place katulad ng mga mobile devices as well as our two radio communication systems. At yun naman yung contingency na nag-kick in as soon as that happened.
As you mentioned the electrical audit, meron ba tayong update on that? How is it going?
So based on what they did from the morning until broad noon, meron naman silang mga findings na forward sa amin as to ano yung kailangan natin i-replace, i-improve or i-reset ng mga relays.
Aside from that, yung ibang mga critical substations hindi pa namin sinisimulan in terms of the shutdown because may impacts sa passenger movement. So those other substations we will communicate properly kapag meron na tayong schedule when we will have to shutdown para matapos natin ang comprehensive audit.
Ito yung sinasabi namin, 6MW of additional generators. Actually, ang bid opening namin will be by next week. So that the other substations that will be checked as part of the comprehensive audit, hintayin muna natin makabit ang ating emergency genset para kapag nagshutdown tayo sa other areas, i-on lang natin yung genset natin and we can power up to 80-90% of the requirements of the terminal para po hindi affected ang ating passenger journey.
So sir yung ginawa kanina sa substations, last na yun for now before the shutdown?
Sabi nga natin kasi isolated naman siya from the terminal building but of course we did not foresee that there would be a procedural lapse na mangyayari. Because we were confident na hindi siya equipment-related. Kaya we were confident na from the morning until 12 noon, from de-energization to energization, kung natin mataka problema.
So I have to ask this again, since we have an ongoing audit and hindi pa tapos yun, sinasabi ng shutdown, will we have the assurance na hindi na mangyayari?
And after award, within 1 or 2 weeks may install po natin ang mga 6MW genset natin. So what we can assure is similar to what happened today, we are on site, the teams are here to support the terminal para kung meron nang nangyayari katulad ng kanina, napakabilis ng pag-respond din natin para wala talaga mga affected flights.
And based on the activities that were done earlier, of course we will have to sit down again with Meravo and M-SERV to ensure talaga that all procedures are in place para hindi magkaroon ng ganitong lapse po in any future events.
Q. Sabi ko alam kung masyadong technical? Kasi diba supposedly yung substation na yun should not affect the entire building, pero kung may effect pa rin?
So that's a factor that will be doing the relay setting coordination para yung mga circuit breakers natin are properly timed together with Meravo para kung nagkaroon ng fault, it's isolated in one area, hindi po siya magkakastate sa buong system po natin. So that's also awarded and that's ongoing na rin po yung study natin on how to improve that aspect on isolating the property.
Q. Is this the right time to talk about privatization?
As I mentioned, we're procuring all of these items that we need to improve the reliability and resiliency of our electrical and other critical systems. It's unfortunate that today, again we would like to apologize because of the interruption, nagkaroon po tayo ng brief 37-minute interruption ito sa P3 that caused some delays for our flights.
In fact, we will be replacing a lot of the systems in Terminal 3. Lahat po ng ating overage equipment na na-identify, it's due for replacement, the circuit breakers, the current transformers, the relays, nakaprograman na po yan to be replaced immediately.
So even, we don't think that privatization will, hindi natin yung parang sasabihin na because of privatization we will just forego it for now. Because we have the budget, so we will, as part of our mandate to fix our electrical systems and to make it reliable, tuloy-tuloy pa rin po ang ating investment and all of the activities that we have to do to improve the services.
Again, earlier, di ba, today po, we, as part of our comprehensive electrical audit, as an offshoot of the May 1 incident, this was being conducted by MSERC and the MAA team.
Nagkaraon po tayo ng shutdown sa ating Roadway 1 and Roadway 2 substations in the morning. And as they were about to energize the substation after po ng comprehensive check, meron po inadvertently na naiwan na test equipment sa Roadway 2 substation that caused a shortage.
Or yun yung nag-tasking ng power treating natin dito sa Terminal 3 that caused 37 minutes of power interruption. So na-identify naman po agad na yun ang root cause. It's because of that naiwan nga nila ng equipment.
So as soon as nalaman na yun yung cause, then we were given a go signal to re-energize. Kaya by, within 37 minutes or by 1.29 in the afternoon po, na-re-energize na po natin lahat ng segments natin sa Terminal 3.
Q. What parts of the building po yung na-affected?
Again, there were no flights that were cancelled. There were around 7 flights that were delayed because of this incident.
Again, maraming salamat. And of course, hope to meet you again in other better news.
So feel free po to look forward kung gusto niyo makita ngayon ang situation sa terminal para ma-report naman natin na it's getting back to normal naman.
The air conditioning, may nagtatanong bakit by 1.29 po hindi pa rin bumubuga yung hangin. With an air conditioning system po, when you start it up, talagang parang yung oil niya kailangan mag-heat up.
Tapos after mga 30 minutes, saka mag-supply ng power. So hindi naman yan parang aircon sa bahay na pag tinol mo, bubuga na siya agad.
So at 1.29, naka-on na yung chillers, on yung cooling towers. Then by mga 2 o'clock, magbubuga na ang tenter na hangin.
Sige po. Okay, thank you po. Good afternoon and have a nice long weekend.
Thank you po.