Fil-Am in Las Vegas worried for safety after physical assault | TFC News Nevada, USA
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An elderly Filipino-American in Las Vegas details the harrowing assault he suffered from his neighbor who was arrested but was also later released by the police. Bev Llorente tells us more. #TFCNews Like and follow TFC News Facebook: Twitter: Website: News website: Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel! - Watch full episodes on iWantTFC for FREE here: Visit our website at Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #TFC #TheFilipinoChannel #TFCNewsNevada #ABSCBNNews #TVPatrol
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The traces of blood remain visible inside his own garage, his home in this quiet gated neighborhood in southwest Las Vegas.
This is 75-year-old Amadeo Candara. A black eye and stitches on the back of his head are a few of the physical injuries he sustained from the brutal attack by his neighbor, Christian Lentz.
Every afternoon, the Candaras enjoy sitting inside their garage. But on the night of May 30th before the brutal attack, the attacker, 45-year-old Christian Lentz, walked onto Candara's driveway.
Candara was talking to his Filipino neighbor in Tagalog. Lentz approached them and demanded them to speak English.
I told him I'm not Yamamoto. My friend is not Japanese. We are Filipino.
He left.
But the following day, he came here and I was sitting down right there.
He approached me and said,
You're done.
That's after the following day?
Yeah, the following day. He gave me the sign, thumb down, you're done. You're gonna be in the ventilator.
I didn't pick that up. So 30 minutes later, he came back. And that's the time he really wanted to kill me.
On this security camera footage from the Candaras, you can hear Candara screaming in pain. Then, Lentz is seen walking out of Candara's garage.
Yeah, I was sitting down in there before I could stand up. He gave me the punch right here and I lost consciousness.
So he kept punching me. He kept punching me here, here, to my head, and then lift me up and slammed me to the ground.
When he left, he kept saying, die, die, die. Three times he said that, keep walking away.
Candara says that he and his family have been living in this house since 2008. This brutal assault instills a deep sense of fear, given their old age.
I'm so scared and I got a mental distress, you know, because how could you be scared when you see your husband lying in the pool of blood in fetal position?
I am very scared. This is the first time this thing happened here. This is a very safe neighborhood.
Candara says they continue to bear the physical and emotional burden of this incident, enduring its aftermath both physically and mentally.
The Candaras have known Christian Lentz for years, as Lentz lives two houses away from their residence.
Las Vegas court records show that Lentz was arrested by Las Vegas Metro and was charged on residential burglary.
He was released but was ordered to stay out of trouble and stay away from the Candara house.
They locked him up for like about only a few hours and then they let him go. I don't know what kind of law is that.
Candara says that his physical wounds from the brutal assault will eventually heal but the emotional scars persist.
The Candaras hope that this tragic situation will not happen to anyone.
Bev Lorente, ABS-CBN News, Las Vegas.
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