HAPPY NEW YEAR! Our 2023 Salubong sa Japan! (Japan Trip pt2) | Mariel Padilla Vlogs
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So as promised, here's part 2 of our Japan trip at inabutan nga kami ng New Year doon! It was my first time making a New Year's dinner spread and I'm glad that they loved it! Sinulit na rin namin ang bonggang-bonggang snow and I'm supper happy that Isabella is already getting better at skiing! Talaga namang may new bonding activity na kami! Join us on part 2 of our Japan adventure! #marielpadilla #Japan #travel Follow me on my other socials! Facebook - Instagram - TikTok - You can also watch my previous vlogs: Winter Wonderland in Hokkaido! Ski Trip + May House Tour pa! - Never Have I Ever w/ Pretty Trizsa - A Day in a Life: Taping Day for Moms - Our Super Impromptu Noche Buena Celebration -
Mariel Padilla
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