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The Tagalog word nagyáyabáng is the Filipino verb magyabang » conjugated in the Uncompleted aspect ( present tense )

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[verb]  to boast; to brag; to show off; to be cocky; to be arrogant

Verb conjugations of magyabang:

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Root: yabangConjugation Type: Mag-
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
magyabáng  Play audio #8201
Completed (Past):
nagyabáng  Play audio #24629
Uncompleted (Present):
nagyáyabáng  Play audio #24630
Contemplated (Future):
magyáyabáng  Play audio #24631
Nagyayabang Example Sentences in Tagalog: (16)
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Hayaan mong magyabáng si Annie hinggíl sa nais niyáng gawín.
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Let Annie boast about what she intends to do.
Huwág tayong magyabáng.
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Let us not brag.
Hindî ko ginamit kailanmán itó para magyabáng.
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I never used it to show off.
Bakit dapat mong iwasan magyabáng?
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Why should you avoid bragging?
Sinikap ni Allen na huwág magyabáng.
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Allen tried not to show off.
Bakit malíng magyabáng kung mas mayaman ka kaysa sa ibáng tao?
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Why is it wrong to brag if you are richer than another person?
Nagyáyabáng ba siyá?
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Is he bragging?
Hindî ka dapat nagyáyabáng kapág natatalo mo siyá.
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You should not boast when you beat him.
May mga taong nagyáyabáng ng kaniláng mamahaling alahas.
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There are people who show off their expensive jewelry.
May kakilala akóng nagyabáng na mayaman siyá.
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I've known someone who boasted that she was rich.
Nagyáyabáng ang lalaki tungkól sa regalong hindî namán niyá ibinigáy.
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A man is boasting about a gift he has never given.
Nagyáyabáng si Lucas at waláng saysáy ang mga sinasabi niyá.
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Lucas is bragging and makes empty statements.
Hindî kailanmán nagyabáng si Cielo.
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Cielo was never haughty.
Hindî kailanmán nagyabáng ang magkapatíd kundî nanatiling mapagpakumbabâ.
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The siblings never showed off but they always remained humble.
Mapápahiyâ kayó kung magyáyabáng kayó.
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You will be humiliated when you act arrogantly.
Tiyák na bábagsák ang taong magyáyabáng sa sariling lakás.
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A person who boasts of his own strength will surely fall.

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