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The Tagalog word iniuulat is the Filipino verb iulat » conjugated in the Uncompleted aspect ( present tense )

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[verb]  to report something

Verb conjugations of iulat:

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Root: ulatConjugation Type: I-
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
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Completed (Past):
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Uncompleted (Present):
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Contemplated (Future):
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Iniuulat Example Sentences in Tagalog: (14)
Here are some hand-picked example sentences for this conjugation of this verb from this site's Filipino language editors.
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Sampúng katao ang iniulat na namatáy sa aksidente.
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Ten persons were reported dead because of the accident.
Iniulat ng tagapamaha na tumaás ang kaniláng benta ngayóng taón.
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The manager reported that sales went up this year.
Iniulat na nasunog ang malakíng bahagi ng kagubatang Amazon.
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Much of the Amazon rainforest was reported to have burned.
May katotohanan ba sa iniulat niyá?
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Is there a truth to his report?
Iniuulat niyá ang kaniyáng karanasán sa London.
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He reports on his experience in London.
Iniuulat ni Vanessa ang tungkól sa bilang ng mga bíktima ng panggagaha.
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Vanessa reports about the number of rape victims.
Iniuulat ng páhayagán ang masakláp na kalagayan ng mga maralitâ.
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The newspaper reports on the harsh living condition of the poor.
Iniulat ni Marvin ang nangyari kahapon.
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Marvin reported what happened yesterday.
Iuulat ni Mylene ang panggígipít sa kaniyá.
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Mylene will report the harassment done to her.
Tumatawa ang mga kaklase ko kapág may iuulat akó.
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My schoolmates would laugh when I have something to report.
Mahalagáng iulat mo ang ginawâ nilá.
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It's important to report what they did.
Bihiráng iulat ng kompanyá ang tunay na kalagayan ng mga empleyado.
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The company rarely reports the true condition of the employees.
Sino ang nag-utos sa iyó na iulat ang kúmpidensiyál na impormasyón?
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Who commanded you to report confidential information?
Layunin niláng iulat ang korupsiyón sa pámahalaán.
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They aim to expose the corruption in the government.

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