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The Tagalog word maghíhiwaláy is the Filipino verb maghiwalay » conjugated in the Contemplated aspect ( future tense )

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[verb] to separate; to separate from one another; to split up; to set apart; to divide; to diverge

Verb conjugations of maghiwalay:

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Root: hiwalayConjugation Type: Mag-
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
maghiwaláy  Play audio #9812
Completed (Past):
naghiwaláy  Play audio #23868
Uncompleted (Present):
naghíhiwaláy  Play audio #23869
Contemplated (Future):
maghíhiwaláy  Play audio #23870
Maghihiwalay Example Sentences in Tagalog: (18)
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Naghiwaláy kamí noóng Disyembre 2015.
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We broke up in December 2015.
Maghiwaláy na kayó kung hindî na kayó nagkakasundô.
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Separate if you are no longer getting along.
Gustó na ba ni Rica na maghiwaláy silá ni Parker?
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Does Rica already want to split up with Parker?
Pinayuhan nilá kamíng maghiwaláy pánsamantalá.
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They advised us to separate in the meantime.
Naghiwaláy ang mga magulang ni Samantha noóng ba pa siyá.
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Samantha's parents separated when she was young.
Hindî na naghiwaláy ang magkapatíd matapos magkitang mulî.
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The siblings had not separated after being reunited.
Nabalitaan kong naghiwaláy na siná Peter at Gwen.
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I heard that Peter and Gwen had split up.
Naghíhiwaláy ang espíritú at ang katawán sa oras ng kamatayan.
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There is a separation of the spirit and the body at the time of death.
Naghíhiwaláy ang mga mag-asawang madalás mag-away.
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Married couples who argue too often are splitting up.
Naghíhiwaláy na ang dalawáng magkatuwáng sa polítiká.
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The two political allies are already breaking apart.
Aka ko, maghíhiwaláy na kamíng mag-asawa.
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I thought it was the end of our marriage.
Hindî mabuti kung maghíhiwaláy lang kayó nang ganiyán.
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It's not good if you just break-up like that.
Sinong magkásintahan ang maghíhiwaláy ngayóng taón?
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Which couple will separate this year?
Hindî na maghíhiwaláy siná Mira at Donald.
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Mira and Donald will no longer break up.
Hindî nagtagál, naghiwaláy ang mag-asawa.
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After a while, the married couple separated.
May malakíng háng naghíhiwaláy sa kanilá
There's a great division between them.
Naghiwaláy kamí pagdatíng namin sa kanto.
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We parted ways when we reached the street corner.
Pagkatapos ng mga kalahating milya, maghíhiwaláy ang kalye.
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After about half a mile, the road will fork.

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