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The Tagalog word maáabót is the Filipino verb maabot » conjugated in the Contemplated aspect ( future tense )

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[verb] to be able to reach for something; to be able to reach something

Verb conjugations of maabot:

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Root: abotConjugation Type: Ma-
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
maabót  Play audio #23875
Completed (Past):
naabót  Play audio #23877
Uncompleted (Present):
naáabót  Play audio #23878
Contemplated (Future):
maáabót  Play audio #23879
Maaabot Example Sentences in Tagalog: (15)
Here are some hand-picked example sentences for this conjugation of this verb from this site's Filipino language editors.
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Gustó mo bang maabót ang mga pangarap mo?
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Do you want your dreams come true?
Hindî ko maabót ang hanger.
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I can't reach the hanger.
Mahirap maabót ang rekord ni Usain.
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Usain's record is difficult to break.
Naabót ko na ang mga hangarin ko.
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I have already reached my goals.
Tumalón akó at naabót ko ang bunga ng manggá.
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I jumped and was able to pick the mango fruit.
Hindî ko naabót ang pasadong marká.
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I wasn't able to reach the passing grade.
Nag-áalók kamí ng mga produkto sa mas naáabót na mga presyo.
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We offer products at more affordable prices.
Paano mo naáabót ang bunga gayóng napakataás ng pu?
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How do you reach the fruit when it's so high up in the tree?
Hindî ko alám kung naáabót nilá ang mga kahilingan.
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I don't know if they're fulfilling the requirements.
Nagágalák akóng makitang naáabót mo ang mga tunguhin mo.
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I'm happy to see you reach your goals.
Alám kong mala ang maáabót mo.
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I know that you will go far.
Maáabót mo ba ang layuning iyán?
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Will you be successful in meeting that objective?
Gustó niláng maabót ang tuktók ng bundók.
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They want to reach the mountain's summit.
Naáabót na ng ba ang laruán sa ibabaw ng mesa.
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The child can already reach for the toy on top of the table.
Maáabót ko ang kísame kung tatayô akó sa silya.
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I can reach the ceiling if I'll stand on a chair.

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