Root: ayos

ayos is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root ayos:
~ related to 1.) being in order, orderly or settled 2.) being ok, good

Ayos Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "ayos"

maayos : [verb] to be fixed (AF); to get resolved (AF); to fix something (OF); to be able to fix something (OF); to be able to arrange something (OF);   more... »
maayos : 1.) [adverb] properly; done properly; well done; well organized; orderly; 2.) [adjective] OK; okay; all right; arranged; neat; just right; organized; orderly   more... »
ayós : 1.) [adjective] ok; okay; all right; nice; good; 2.) [adjective] in order; arranged; 3.) [adjective] in working order; 4.) [noun] order; manner; arrangement; appearance   more... »
ayusin : [verb] to arrange something; to tidy something up; to repair something; to put something in order; to fix something; to settle something   more... »
mag-ayos : [verb] to arrange; to put in order; to preen; to tidy up; to dress oneself carefully; to patch up; to settle; to fix   more... »
umayos : [verb] to arrange; to preen; to dress oneself carefully; to patch up; to settle; to fix; to behave   more... »
magpaayos : [verb] to have fixed; to take in to be fixed   more... »
ipaayos : [verb] to have something fixed; to have something put in order   more... »
kaayusán : [noun] orderliness; social order; system   more... »
pag-aayós : [noun] negotiations; settlement; organization; getting ready; getting dressed   more... »
magkaayós : [verb] to settle things; to patch up one's differences   more... »
pagsasaayos : [noun] negotiations; settlement; arrangement   more... »
pagpapaayos : [noun] repairs; fixing   more... »
pinakamaayos : [adjective] neatest (most organized)   more... »
iayos : [verb] to put something in order; to arrange something   more... »
makipag-ayós : [verb] to arrange / set up; to settle differences (together)   more... »
kakaayos : just fixed; just arranged; just put in order   more... »
isaayos : [verb] to adjust; to arrange   more... »
napakaayós : [adjective] very nice; very good   more... »
hayos : the act of enhancing light; improvement of brightness; enhancement; illumination; brightening;   more... »
aniyós : movements that are not natural; artificial movements; forced movements; unnatural actions;   more... »
iyakis : the act of organizing things based on necessity, order, and others; organize; arrange; systematize; order;   more... »
konsiwa : to negotiate or mediate; to manage an arrangement or to reach an amicable settlement; negotiate; mediate; conciliate; arbitrate; broker;   more... »
ayos na ayos : [adjective] very presentable   more... »
di-pagkaayos : [noun] disconformity   more... »
kawalang-ayos : [noun] disorder   more... »
maayos na pagkain : [noun] balanced diet   more... »

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