Root: bahay

bahay is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root bahay:
~ related to house, home

Bahay Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "bahay"

bahay : [noun] house; home   more... »
kapitbahay : [noun] neighbor   more... »
kasambaháy : [noun] household helper; housemate; fellow person living in the same house   more... »
pambahay : [noun] domestic; indoor; for the house; household item; casual clothes worn indoors   more... »
pabahay : [noun] housing   more... »
maybahay : [noun] householder; wife; housewife; (literally: one who "has the house")   more... »
pamamahay : [noun] household; home   more... »
bahayán : [noun] housing area; a residential area or community; playing house ("bahay-bahayan")   more... »
mamahay : [verb] to take up residence; to set up a new house/residence   more... »
magkápitbahay : [noun] neighbors (plural)   more... »
baháy-baháy : [adjective] house-to-house   more... »
kabahayan : [noun] household; housing   more... »
gawáing-bahay : [noun] household chores   more... »
sambahayán : [noun] (Leo) (1) household: all the persons living in one house: the whole family. (2) a group of houses;   more... »
báhay-kubo : [noun] nipa hut   more... »
baháy-bahayán : [noun] playing house (children's game); playhouse; doll house;   more... »
kabahay : [noun] housemate   more... »
pamahay : property used by a person to support his or her household; household goods; home necessities; domestic supplies;   more... »
magbahay : [verb] to build one's home   more... »
sambahay : [adjective] living under the same roof with someone   more... »
pamahayan : an area for houses; a residential area; residential area; housing estate; habitation zone;   more... »
makibahay : [verb] to lodge (at a certain place or with others)   more... »
báhay-uod : [noun] cocoon   more... »
báhay-asim : a part of the intestines of deer or cattle that is the destination of the consumed acidic food; reticulum; honeycomb stomach;   more... »
báhay-gu : the location of an unborn calf; the womb or uterus of a cow; womb; uterus;   more... »
pagbabahay : [noun] act of building one's own home   more... »
pagbahayan : [verb] to build a house in a particular place or on a particular lot   more... »
báhay-kanin : human stomach; belly; tummy; gut;   more... »
taong-bahay : [noun] person left at home to mind the house   more... »
kapítbahayan : [noun] neighborhood; subdivision (of houses); locality   more... »
báhay-na-bató : a large house built during the spanish colonial period; ancestral house; stone house; heritage house;   more... »
báhay-langgám : a place inhabited by ants; an anthill or ant colony; anthill; ant colony; ant nest;   more... »
báhay-kalakal : business building; commercial establishment; company; firm; business; enterprise; corporation;   more... »
gámit-pambahay : [noun] household items   more... »
báhay-pukyutan : [noun] beehive   more... »
báhay-páupahán : a house that accepts individuals who pay to reside there; rental house; boarding house; rental property; apartment building; leasehold property;   more... »
báhay-láwalawa : web or spider's nest; spider web; cobweb;   more... »

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