Root: balik

balik is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root balik:
~ related to returning (from somewhere)

Balik Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "balik"

bumalík : [verb] to return; to come back; to go back   more... »
balík : [noun] return; restoration; a coming back   more... »
ibalík : [verb] to return something; to bring something back; to give something back; to replace an item   more... »
balikán : [verb] to return to something; to return for something; to return to somewhere   more... »
pabalík : [adverb] in return; on the way back; backward   more... »
pagbalík : [noun] return; upon returning; recurring; upon return   more... »
balikan : [noun] round trip   more... »
makabalík : [verb] to be able to come back; to be able to return   more... »
magbalík : [verb] to return; to come back; to give back; to bring back   more... »
maibalík : [verb] to be able to return something; to be able to put back something   more... »
balikbayan : [noun] returnee   more... »
balík-bayan : [noun] returnee   more... »
mabalík : [verb] to be able to return (AF); to be able to bring something back (OF)   more... »
pagbabalík : [noun] return; returning; comeback; coming back   more... »
pabalikín : [verb] to recall something/someone; to have someone/something return   more... »
pabalík-balík : [adverb] recurring; coming back again and again   more... »
mabalikán : [verb] to be able to return to something; to be able to return for something; to be able to return to somewhere   more... »
manumbalik : [verb] to restore; to recover; to revert; to happen to come back (; or recall);   more... »
kabábalík : just returned; just now returned; recently returned   more... »
magbalík-loób : [verb] to realign oneself with the goals of another person, organization, or entity; to be reconverted (of faith); to return to faith   more... »
magbalikan : [verb] to get back together   more... »
magsibalík : [verb] to return together; to return all together; (plural)   more... »
panunumbalik : [noun] restoration   more... »
ipabalík : [verb] to have something returned   more... »
mapanumbalik : [verb] to win back;   more... »
magpabálik-balik : [verb] to go back and forth regularly between places   more... »
mapabalík : [verb] to be returned to former status   more... »
pamalík : to hold the helm or rudder; steer; navigate; pilot;   more... »
balikin : [verb] to turn over to see the other side   more... »
balimbí : the act of repeatedly returning to a point; vacillation; flip-flopping; waffling; oscillation;   more... »
ikabalik : [verb] to be reason for returning   more... »
tumbalík : upside down; having the part that should be at the bottom placed at the top; inverted; upturned; overturned; reversed;   more... »
kabalikan : [adjective] reverse; opposite   more... »
rebertido : returned or restored; returned; restored; reinstated; given back;   more... »
tumbalikin : [adjective] reversible   more... »
bálik-balik : an act of repeatedly returning or doing something over and over; a small tree (pongamia pinnata) that grows from 8 to 25 meters high, whose bark is used for making ropes or cords, and whose seeds are used for medicine, soap, and candle making, native to malaysia and australia; seduction towards evil or wrongdoing.; repeatedly; recurrently; seduction; temptation;   more... »
kombalisyente : gradually recovering health and strength after sickness or debility; recovering; recuperating; healing; mending;   more... »
mapapagbalikan : [verb] to be able to return to   more... »

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