Root: balot

balot is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root balot:
~ related to wrapping, enveloping, encasing, packing up

Balot Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "balot"

balot : [noun] wrapper; wrapping; something for wrapping; covering; skin   more... »
balót : [adjective] wrapped; covered   more... »
balutin : [verb] to wrap something; to wrap something up; to cover something; to blanket something; to drape something; to encase something   more... »
nakabalot : [adjective] wrapped; covered   more... »
ibalot : [verb] to wrap something; to cover something   more... »
magbalot : [verb] to wrap; to pack   more... »
balutan : [verb] to cover something; to enshroud something   more... »
pambalot : [noun] covering; wrapping; something used to cover or wrap something   more... »
mabalot : [verb] to envelop something; to encase something; to wrap something   more... »
bumalot : [verb] to wrap; to envelope   more... »
mabalutan : [verb] to be wrapped; to be covered; to be enveloped   more... »
balaat : the act of wrapping rattan around a large jar or earthenware; wrapping; covering; encasing;   more... »
balutó : a small boat without outriggers; canoe; dinghy;   more... »
balotó : the practice of exposing something to the air to dry; airing; drying; exposure;   more... »
balotak : meat and fish wrapped in leaves; wrapped meat; fish wrap;   more... »
balutbót : the process of joining together the parts of a boat; assembling; joining; piecing together; construction;   more... »
ipabalot : [verb] to have something wrapped   more... »
ipagbalot : [verb] to wrap up (something) for someone else   more... »
pagbabalot : [noun] wrapping   more... »
bálot-balot : haphazard wrapping; a disorganized or careless way of covering something; disorganized covering; careless packing;   more... »
pinagbalutan : [noun] wrapper; thing used to cover something   more... »

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