Root: bili

bili is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root bili:
~ related to buying

Bili Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "bili"

bumilí : [verb] to buy; to purchase   more... »
bilhín : [verb] to buy something; * focus on the thing being bought   more... »
makabilí : [verb] to be able to buy   more... »
bilí : [noun] a purchase; something bought   more... »
mabilí : [verb] to be bought; to happen to buy; to have been purchased   more... »
pambilí : [noun] money that will be used to buy something; something to buy something else; budget for buying things   more... »
bilihin : [noun] items for sale; merchandise; goods   more... »
mamilí : [verb] to go shopping; to shop; to buy   more... »
bilhán : [verb] to buy something for someone (BF) - focus on the person being bought for; to buy something somewhere (LF) - focus on where something was bought   more... »
pagbilí : [noun] buying; upon buying   more... »
magpabilí : [verb] to have something bought; to have something be purchased   more... »
mabilhán : [verb] to be able to buy something for someone   more... »
pabilí : [expression] may I please buy; can I buy; will you sell this to me   more... »
kakabilí : just bought; recently bought   more... »
mamimili : [noun] buyer; customer; client; consumer;   more... »
ibilí : [verb] to buy something for someone (BF); to purchase something for someone(BF); to buy with something (e.g., money) (IF)   more... »
pagbilhán : [verb] to sell to someone; to sell somewhere   more... »
pinamilí : [noun] purchased item; items purchased; purchase;   more... »
pamimilí : [noun] shopping   more... »
ipabilí : [verb] to ask (someone) to buy something   more... »
pámilihan : [noun] market; exchange   more... »
bilmoko : [phrase] buy for me (slang); [noun] an overly materialistic person or someone who is always asking others to buy them something (slang)   more... »
ipagbilí : [verb] to sell something   more... »
magbilí : [verb] to sell; to deal   more... »
maipagbilí : [verb] to be able to sell   more... »
pamilíhang-bayan : [noun] public market   more... »
tagabilí : a species of plant; plant species; flora;   more... »
pagbibilí : [noun] selling   more... »
pagbilihan : [verb] to sell someone something   more... »
tagapagbilí : [noun] seller   more... »
pamilihan ng aksiyon : [noun] stock exchange   more... »

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