Root: damdam

damdam is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root damdam:
~ related to feeling, sensing or emotion

Damdam Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "damdam"

maramdamán : [verb] to feel something (physically or emotionally)   more... »
pakiramdám : [noun] feeling; sensation   more... »
ramdám : [adjective] felt   more... »
makaramdám : [verb] to feel (physically or emotionally); to be aware of   more... »
magparamdám : [verb] to make one's presence known; to reveal   more... »
damdamin : [noun] feelings; sentiment; emotions   more... »
paramdám : [noun] hint; insinuation   more... »
pakiramdamán : [verb] to sharpen one's senses directed toward something; to listen for something; to get a feel for something; to sense something   more... »
karamdaman : [noun] sickness; disorder; condition (physically); illness; ailment;   more... »
iparamdám : [verb] to cause someone to feel something; to make someone feel a certain way   more... »
pagpaparamdám : [noun] sensing   more... »
makiramdám : [verb] to sharpen one's senses; to become alert   more... »
madamdamin : [adjective] expressive; emotional; passionate   more... »
damdám : [noun] feeling   more... »
pandamdám : [noun] interjection (grammar); sense; feeling   more... »
magdamdám : [verb] to feel hurt; to take offense; to resent   more... »
kádamdamin : having similar feelings or beliefs; empathetic; sympathetic; like-minded;   more... »
karamdamin : [noun] person with congeniality to others   more... »
pagdadamdám : [noun] hurt feelings; grievance   more... »
di-nakakaramdam : [adjective] without feeling   more... »
walang-pandamdam : [adjective] insensible   more... »
tandang pandamdam : [noun] exclamation mark (!)   more... »
pangungusap na padamdám : [grammar] interjection; exclamatory sentence   more... »

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