Root: gulo

gulo is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root gulo:
~ related to being disordered; being confused; being troubled

Gulo Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "gulo"

guló : [noun] chaos; trouble; mess; disorder; confusion; riot; complication; commotion   more... »
maguló : [verb] to be chaotic (AF); to be disruptive (AF); to be a mess (AF); to make something disorderly (OF); to mess something up (OF);   more... »
maguló : [adjective] messy; a mess; disarranged; disordered; chaotic; confusing; confused; troublesome; misbehaved   more... »
maguluhán : [verb] to feel disturbed; to feel troubled; to feel confused; to be bewildered   more... »
magkáguló : [verb] to get chaotic; to get disorderly; to get confused; to get troubled;   more... »
guluhín : [verb] to put something in a disorderly state; to disturb something; to bewilder someone; to harass someone; to mess something up; to annoy someone   more... »
mangguló : [verb] to cause trouble; to make trouble   more... »
gumuló : [verb] to disturb; to confuse   more... »
kaguluhan : [noun] trouble; chaos; turmoil; altercation; uproar; complication; war; disorder   more... »
pagkaguluhán : [verb] to mob someone/something (e.g., by a crowd)   more... »
pangguló : [noun] nuisance   more... »
pangguguló : [adjective] causing disorder or chaos or trouble   more... »
guló-guló : [adjective] mixed up; chaotic; messed up; very disordered; disorderly; scrambled   more... »
magpaguló : [verb] to bewilder; to complicate; to distract   more... »
napakaguló : [adjective] very disorganized   more... »
gulugót : chaotic and confusing; disorderly; jumbled; messy; confounded;   more... »
ikaguló : [verb] to cause complication; to cause disquiet   more... »
pagkaguló : [noun] disturbance; commotion   more... »
áhitasyón : action and effect of causing trouble or disturbance; agitation; disruption; disturbance;   more... »
pakamaguló : [noun] complication   more... »
magulumíhanan : to become confused, startled, and amazed; befuddled; perplexed; astonished; bewildered;   more... »
kagulumihanan : [noun] baffled or disconcerted state of mind   more... »

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