Root: hiya

hiya is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root hiya:
~ related to shame, embarrassment

Hiya Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "hiya"

mahiyâ : 1.) [verb] to feel ashamed; to be embarrassed; 2.) [verb] to feel shy; to feel bashful;   more... »
nakákahiyâ : [adjective] embarrassing; awkward; disgraceful; shameful; unworthy; scandalous; humiliating   more... »
hiyâ : [noun] shame; embarrassment; feeling embarrassed; shyness   more... »
mapahiyâ : [verb] to be shamed; to be humiliated; to be embarrassed   more... »
langyâ : [expression] short for 'walang hiya', meaning unashamed, without shame; an exclamation for a shocking or aggravating wrongdoing; used for an inconsiderate or rude person   more... »
mahiyain : [adjective] shy; bashful; timid; coy   more... »
kahihiyán : [noun] shame; embarrassment; shyness; humiliation; dishonor;   more... »
walanghiyâ : [adjective] shameless; without shame; without honor; brazen   more... »
ipahiyâ : [verb] to shame someone   more... »
kawalanghiyaan : [noun] shamelessness   more... »
dyahe : [adjective] embarrassing; shameful; awkward; (slang)   more... »
hiyang-hiyâ : [adjective] humiliated; embarrassed   more... »
ikahiyâ : [verb] to cause shame or embarrassment   more... »
hiyaín : [verb] to shame someone; to embarrass someone;   more... »
kahiyaan : [noun] something done in order to save face or not to lose favor   more... »
magkáhiyaan : [verb] to feel shy around each other; to feel ashamed around each other   more... »
kahiya-hiyâ : [adjective] shameful   more... »
panghihiyâ : [noun] causing shame to another person; shaming; humiliation; embarrassment;   more... »
pagkapahiyâ : [noun] having gotten embarrassed   more... »
ohiya : envy; jealousy;   more... »
hiya : the topmost layer or surface of anything; surface; top layer; exterior; covering;   more... »
buhiyá : the strength of light that uses electricity; electric brightness; brightness; illumination; luminosity;   more... »
dalanghiyâ : to feel shame or to experience a sense of embarrassment; embarrassment; shame; humiliation;   more... »
émbarasoso : embarrassing; causing shame or embarrassment; shameful; awkward; mortifying; humiliating;   more... »
ipagmakahiya : [verb] to avoid doing something so as not to lose face or be embarrassed   more... »
makapanghiyâ : [verb] to cause shame; to cause embarrassment   more... »
Pahiyá ka no? : [expression] Wasn't that embarrassing?   more... »
magbigay-hiya : [verb] to show respect for persons, traditions, etc.   more... »
pagbigyang-hiya : [verb] to show respect for persons, traditions, etc.   more... »
napakawalang-hiya : [adjective] cruel and coarse   more... »
walang-kahiya-hiya : [adjective] completely without shame   more... »
magdulot ng kahihiyán : [verb] to bring shame upon   more... »

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