Root: isa

isa is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root isa:
~ related to one, single

Isa Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "isa"

isá : 1.) [number] one; 2.) [article] the indefinite article "a/an"   more... »
mag-isá : [verb] to be alone; to do something alone; to be the only one; to be one   more... »
mag-isá : [adverb/adjective] alone; single-handed; single-handedly; on one's own   more... »
íisá : [adjective] just one; only one; only; one and the same; singular   more... »
nag-íisá : [adjective] alone; only; solitary; solo; sole; single; unique   more... »
isa't-isá : [phrase] each other   more... »
isá't-isá : [phrase] each other; one another   more... »
isa-isá : [adverb] one by one; one at a time; one after another; individually   more... »
magkáisá : [verb] to unite; to be united; to have unity; to come together; to join together   more... »
pagkakaisá : [noun] unity; alliance; harmony   more... »
mapag-isá : [adjective] alone; being alone   more... »
mapag-isá : [verb] to be left alone   more... »
isá-isahín : [verb] to do something one by one; to enumerate something   more... »
makiisá : [verb] to unite with; to become one with; to join in   more... »
tig-isa : [adjective] one each   more... »
paisá-isá : [adverb] do one at a time   more... »
isahín : [verb] to do something one at a time   more... »
kaisá : [adjective] one with; consistent with; in accordance with   more... »
isahan : [adjective] singular; one at a time; [adverb] one by one   more... »
ni-isá : [adjective] not one; not a single   more... »
pakikiisá : [noun] solidarity; consolidation   more... »
káisa-isá : [adjective] lone; only; sole; one and only   more... »
pag-isahín : [verb] to unite something; to unify something   more... »
pag-iisá : [noun] being alone; the state of being alone; loneliness; privacy; union   more... »
labing-isá : [number] eleven (11)   more... »
maisahán : [verb] to outmatch someone   more... »
pagkáisahán : [verb] to gang up on; to be ganged up on; to have consensus   more... »
makaisá : a tree whose fruit can be used to extract fish poison; fish poison tree; barringtonia; putat;   more... »
kaisahán : [noun] oneness   more... »
isain : an ancient method of counting, starting with 'isain' followed by 'duwain' for two, 'mampat' for three, 'agyo' for four, 'ton-dong' for five, 'kata' for six, 'manapit' for seven, 'saga' for eight, 'bulair' for nine, and 'toro' for ten; counting; enumeration;   more... »
isa pá : [noun] another; one more   more... »
may isa : [noun] certain something or someone but not named   more... »
kamaisá : a type of tree used for stupefying fish; fish-poison tree;   more... »
tagaisá : a type of paddy rice in wetlands that has colored husks; colored husk rice; wetland rice;   more... »
pang-isa : [noun] singular [gram.]   more... »
bawa't isá : [adjective] each; everyone; each one's   more... »
pagkaiisa : [noun] state of being only one   more... »
sa isa't isa : [noun] mutual [adj.]   more... »
mangisá-isá : [adjective] rare; seldom; infrequent   more... »
ikalabing-isá : [adjective] eleventh   more... »
ikalimampú't isá : [adjective] fifty-first   more... »

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