Root: kain

kain is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root kain:
~ related to food, eating

Kain Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "kain"

kumain : [verb] to eat   more... »
pagkain : 1.) [noun] food; 2.) [noun] the act of eating   more... »
kainin : [verb] to eat something; * focus on the thing being eaten   more... »
kain : [noun] eating; eating food; consuming   more... »
makain : [verb] to be able to eat something; to happen to eat something; to accidentally eat something   more... »
makakain : [verb] to be able to eat   more... »
kainan : [noun] eating together   more... »
pakainin : [verb] to feed someone; to allow others to eat; * focus on the one eating   more... »
nakakain : [adjective] edible   more... »
mákakain : [noun] something to eat   more... »
pinagkainan : [noun] dishes   more... »
magpakain : [verb] to feed; to let others eat   more... »
pakain : [noun] rations   more... »
ipakain : [verb] to have something fed; * focus on the thing being given for food   more... »
kakakain : just (recently) ate   more... »
mapakain : [verb] to be able to feed someone; to be able to get someone to eat;   more... »
makikain : [verb] to join others in eating; to eat with others; to eat together   more... »
makakainan : [noun] a place to eat   more... »
mangain : [verb] to devour; to snack on   more... »
hapág-kainán : [noun] table for eating together; dinner table   more... »
kainán : 1.) [noun] eatery; a place to eat; diner; small restaurant; 2.) [noun] dining area; dining room;   more... »
pagpapakain : [noun] feeding   more... »
kainan : [verb] to eat from something (a plate / a banquet / a dessert / etc. ); to eat somewhere   more... »
manginain : [verb] to graze   more... »
magkaín : [verb] to devour; to eat often   more... »
bíkakain : a woman who has gone astray; a woman who has lost her way morally or socially; fallen woman; stray; wayward;   more... »
pakainan : [noun] receptacle used for feeding animals   more... »
magsikain : [verb] to eat   more... »
agár-kain : a person who immediately eats what they have worked for; spendthrift; impulsive spender;   more... »
panginain : [noun] grazing or feeding of animals with grass; pasturing;   more... »
panginainin : [verb] to graze (cattle, etc.)   more... »
magpakain sa : [verb] to allow oneself to be fed to something or someone   more... »
Anóng nakain mo? : [idiom] What's gotten into you?   more... »

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