Root: kita

kita is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root kita:
~ related to seeing or showing; or meeting

Kita Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "kita"

makita : [verb] to see something; to catch sight of something; to be seen   more... »
kitá : [pronoun] you are to me; I verb you; I to you;   more... »
makakita : [verb] to happen to see; to see; to see one or some or many; to be able to see; to catch sight of; to be able to find   more... »
kumita : [verb] to earn or make (money); to gain   more... »
magkita : [verb] to meet together; to meet each other accidentally; to see each other (reciprocal)   more... »
ipakita : [verb] to show something; to display something; to indicate; to demonstrate; * focus on the thing being shown   more... »
kitain : [verb] to earn something   more... »
magpakita : [verb] to show; to appear; to demonstrate; to indicate; to display; to show up   more... »
kita : 1.) [noun] earnings; profits; wages; income; 2.) [noun] seeing; see   more... »
makipagkita : [verb] to meet up with   more... »
kítang-kita : [adjective] prominent; easy to see; obvious; noticeable   more... »
maipakita : [verb] to be able to show something; to be able to display something; to be able to indicate something; to be able to demonstrate something   more... »
pakitaan : [verb] to show someone (focus on the person being shown)   more... »
pakitán : [verb] to show to someone   more... »
makitaan : [verb] to see in someone; to demonstrate; to show   more... »
pagkikita : [noun] meeting; encounter; seeing   more... »
pinagkakákitaan : [noun] job; way of making money; earning a living   more... »
pagkakita : [noun] having seen; upon seeing; observation; seeing   more... »
pagpapakita : [noun] showing; demonstrating; revealing   more... »
pagkakakitaan : [noun] earning a living   more... »
kíta-kíts : [expression] See you!; See you later! (slang)   more... »
tamó : [expression] see?; do you see?; * contraction from "nakita mo"   more... »
magkíta-kita : [verb] to see one another; to meet up; to see each other now and then   more... »
pángitaín : [noun] omens; vision; sight; premonition; apparition   more... »
makapagpakita : [verb] to be able to show   more... »
ngita : face-to-face meeting; encounter; rendezvous; meeting;   more... »
kitams : [slang] slang for "kita mo"   more... »
pangita : face-to-face meeting; encounter; meeting; rendezvous;   more... »
kiní-kinitá : a series of phantom images, illusions, or deceptive appearances, such as in dreams or as creations of the imagination; visions; illusions; phantasms; apparitions;   more... »
Makikita mo! : [interjection] You'll see!   more... »
magpakítang-tao : [verb] to act on pretense or for show   more... »
hindi maaaring makita : [adjective] invisible   more... »

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