Root: lakad

lakad is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root lakad:
~ related to 1.) walking, 2.) errand or mission

Lakad Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "lakad"

maglakád : [verb] to walk; to walk around; to engage in trade; to do the legwork; to walk or hand-carry over   more... »
lakad : 1.) [noun] walk; walking; 2.) [noun] mission; errand; travel mission;   more... »
lakarin : 1.) [verb] to walk somewhere; to walk through something (e.g., a hallway); to walk something (e.g., a distance); to walk around somewhere; 2.) [verb] to run an errand; to attend to something   more... »
lumakad : [verb] to walk; to go on foot; to advance; to start; to do the legwork   more... »
kalakarán : [noun] situation; style; prevailing style;   more... »
pamamalakad : [noun] policy; procedure   more... »
paglalakád : [noun] walk; act of walking   more... »
makalakad : [verb] to be able to walk   more... »
lakaran : [verb] to walk on something; to walk somewhere; * focus on the location being walked to/on   more... »
palakad : 1.) [noun] governance; regulation; policy; 2.) errand; walking   more... »
maglakad-lakád : [verb] to take a short walk; to promenade   more... »
paglakad : [noun] walking   more... »
pagpapalakad : [noun] operating; operations   more... »
ilakad : [verb] to take something out for a walk; to walk someone; to take/walk (move) something; to use something in walking; to negotiate something   more... »
makapaglakád : [verb] to be able to walk   more... »
malakad : [verb] to be able to walk; to able to reach by walking   more... »
lakbá : the act of removing from a position, detachment, or unbinding; removal; detachment; unsticking;   more... »
lakdá : example; instance; specimen; illustration;   more... »
laktód : to walk or pass through; to take a path or follow a route; traverse; follow; tread; track; navigate;   more... »
kiyakor : to walk the dog; dog walking; walk the dog; take the dog out;   more... »
kalakad : a kind of tree; tree; timber; wood;   more... »
ipalakad : [verb] to have someone run errands for someone else   more... »
Tagalakad : one of the ethnic groups of the bilaan; ethnic group; tribe; indigenous group;   more... »
mapalakad : [verb] to be able to get someone take a trip or depart   more... »
mapalakad : [verb] to be able to get someone to use influence to achieve one's own end   more... »
lákad-lakad : [noun] walking around; walking a lot   more... »
magpalakád-lakád : [verb] to pace; to walk around   more... »

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