Root: laki

laki is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root laki:
~ related to bigness or being large or getting bigger

Laki Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "laki"

malakí : [adjective] big; large; much; a lot   more... »
lakí : [noun] size; bigness; largeness   more... »
lumakí : 1.) [verb] to grow (in size); to grow big; to become big; to get bigger; to expand; to increase; to swell; 2.) [verb] to grow up; to develop; to expand; to increase; to swell   more... »
kalakí : [adjective] big, in the phrase "gaano kalaki" = how big   more... »
pínakamalakí : [adjective] largest; biggest   more... »
palakihín : 1.) [verb] to raise someone; to rear someone (a child); to bring up; 2.) [verb] to exaggerate; to blow out of proportion; to make something big; to make a big deal out something   more... »
napakalakí : [adjective] very big; huge; enormous; monumental   more... »
magpalakí : 1.) [verb] to raise; to rear a child; to bring up; 2.) [verb] to exaggerate; to blow out of proportion; to augment; to enlarge   more... »
paglakí : [noun] progress; growth; growing up   more... »
pagpápalakí : [noun] raising; child rearing; expansion; upbringing;   more... »
ipagmalakí : [verb] to be proud of someone/something; to take pride in something; to boast about something   more... »
kalakihan : [noun] largeness; greatness; bigness; expanse   more... »
lakihán : [verb] to enlarge something; to grow something;   more... »
malakí-lakí : [adjective] somewhat big; somewhat large   more... »
maipagmalakí : [verb] to be able to be proud of something; to be able to take pride in something   more... »
pampalakí : [noun] something to make something bigger or grow   more... »
palakí : [adjective] raised by someone other than one's parents (even if the parents are still alive); [adverb] getting bigger   more... »
mapalakí : [verb] to raise someone; to grow something;   more... »
málakihan : [adjective] large-scale; widespread; growing   more... »
malakihán : [verb] to get bigger   more... »
magmalakí : [verb] to be proud   more... »
mas malakí : [adjective] bigger   more... »
manlakí : [verb] to enlarge temporarily; to expand; to swell; to grow bigger   more... »
pagmámalakí : [noun] pride; condescension   more... »
kalakhán : [noun] bigness; greatness; [adjective] greater; metro-   more... »
hinlalakí : [noun] thumb   more... »
naglalakihan : [adjective] huge; growing   more... »
singlakí : [adjective] as big as; short for "kasing laki"   more... »
kasinlakí : [adjective] as big as; equal in size   more... »
ilakí : [verb] to grow something; to cause something to grow   more... »
lakiyán : ancestor; progenitor; forebear; forefather; precursor;   more... »
malakhin : [verb] to value or appreciate very much   more... »
malakihín : to value; to give attention to; value; prioritize; emphasize; highlight;   more... »
pagkalakhán : [verb] to grow up with   more... »
magkasinlaki : [adjective] equal in size   more... »
ang lakí-lakí : [adjective] extremely large; extremely big   more... »
mapagkalakhán : [verb] to outgrow; to grow too large for   more... »
sinlaki nang tao : [adj] life-size   more... »
palaki nang palaki : [noun] growing larger and larger   more... »
kasinlakí nang tao : [adjective] life-size   more... »

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