Root: lapit

lapit is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root lapit:
~ related to being close or nearby

Lapit Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "lapit"

malapit : [adjective] near; nearby; nearly; close; almost; imminent   more... »
lumapit : [verb] to approach; to come close; to come closer to; to come up to   more... »
lapit : [noun] nearness; closeness; proximity   more... »
lapitan : [verb] to approach something; to come close to; to get closer to; to crowd someone; * focus on the person/thing being crowded or approached   more... »
pinakamalapit : [adjective] nearest; immediate; closest   more... »
magkálapít : [verb] to become close (e.g., as friends); to grow close to   more... »
kalapít : [noun] nearby person; nearby place; [adjective] nearby; neighboring   more... »
palapít : [adjective] oncoming; approaching; toward; coming closer   more... »
nalálapít : [adjective] oncoming; approaching; forthcoming; upcoming   more... »
malapitan : [verb] to be able to approach someone/something   more... »
papalapít : [adverb] going toward; on the way toward   more... »
magkalapit : [adjective] nearby each other; close by each other; to get close; close in something (e.g., age)   more... »
malapitán : [adjective] at a close range; point blank; [adverb] up close; closely;   more... »
mapalapít : [verb] to suddenly be close to; to be able to get closer to   more... »
makalapit : [verb] to be near something; to be able to approach   more... »
ilapit : [verb] to get closer to something; to move closer to something; to put something closer to something   more... »
malapít-lapít : [adjective] a bit nearer   more... »
napakalapit : [adjective] very near; very close by   more... »
paglapit : [noun] approach; act of approaching a person; access; accessing; closeness   more... »
maglapít : [verb] to go near each other; to go near one another   more... »
paglalapit : [noun] presentation of proposal or offer   more... »
paglalapít : [noun] the act of coming close to each other   more... »
balantáy : approach; or being close; proximity; nearness; closeness;   more... »
malapit sa : close to; approximately   more... »
lapít-lapít : short intervals between each one; close to each other; side by side; close together; adjacent; nearby; in close proximity;   more... »
dí-paglapit : [noun] aloofness   more... »
pagkakalapit : [noun] proximity; nearness; closeness   more... »
lumapit-lapit : [verb] to come closer   more... »
lumapit-lapit : [verb] to come closer   more... »
maglapit-lapit : [verb] to come closer   more... »
mahirap lapitan : [noun] unapproachable   more... »
pook na malapit : [noun] neighbourhood (us: neighborhood)   more... »

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