Root: likod

likod is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root likod:
~ related to back, behind

Likod Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "likod"

likód : 1.) [noun] back (anatomy); 2.) [noun/preposition] back (reverse side); behind   more... »
likurán : [noun] behind; back side; back; background;   more... »
talikuran : [verb] to turn one's back on; to reject; to renounce   more... »
nakatalikod : [adjective] with one's back turned toward   more... »
tumalikod : [verb] to turn one's back; to renounce; to abandon   more... »
tálikurán : [adjective/adverb] back-to-back   more... »
pagtalikod : [noun] turning away; turning one's back on; renouncement; defection   more... »
pálikuran : [noun] restroom; toilet; bathroom;   more... »
patalikód : [adjective] backward; turned around; have back toward   more... »
líkod-bahay : [noun] backyard   more... »
pinakalikód : [adjective] the very back; the furthest back   more... »
talikdán : [verb] to turn one's back on something   more... »
likdí : a slight deviation from the path or in the search for a suitable place to settle; swerve; veer; deviation; detour;   more... »
palikod : [adverb] backward   more... »
talikol : a seat on a boat; specifically, a place to sit located at the back part of a boat; seat; bench; stern seat;   more... »
ulteryór : located at the back side; rear; back; hind;   more... »
panlikód : pertaining to anything that is used or intended to cover the back; back covering; rear covering;   more... »
balikharáp : a kind of grass; grass; blade of grass;   more... »
sa likód ng : [adverb] at the back of; behind   more... »

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