Root: loob

loob is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root loob:
~ related to inside, interior; inner will, volition

Loob Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "loob"

loób : 1.) inside; within; interior; 2.) heart (feelings); conscience; inner feelings; will; volition; disposition;   more... »
kalooban : [noun] will; disposition; bosom; inner self; heart; spirit; feelings; soul   more... »
sáloobín : [noun] inner thoughts; attitude; disposition; thoughts   more... »
magkaloób : [verb] to grant; to award; to concede   more... »
loobán : [verb] to rob from someone/something; to steal from someone/something; to raid somewhere   more... »
ipagkaloób : [verb] to grant something (OF); to bestow something; to give something (OF)   more... »
looban : 1.) [noun] premises; backyard; 2.) [noun] compound; inner community; slum area; inner areas where houses are built very close together   more... »
pagkaloobán : [verb] to grant someone; to be endow someone with; to be granted; to furnish   more... »
pagkakaloób : [noun] giving; granting   more... »
nakapaloób : [adjective] contained; inserted   more... »
paloób : headed in; headed inside   more... »
kaloób : [noun] gift; offering   more... »
kalookan : [noun] the innermost part of a place or region; core; heart; center;   more... »
káloób-looban : [noun] innermost area   more... »
maipagkaloób : [verb] to be able to grant something   more... »
pánloloób : [noun] burglary; theft from a house or building; break-in; looting   more... »
panloób : [noun] something that belongs to or is used inside; undershirt; underwear; [adjective] interior   more... »
loobín : [verb] to will; to grant   more... »
lakás-loób : [adjective/adverb] courageous; brave; courageously; bravely   more... »
lamang-loób : [noun] entrails; intestines; guts; internal parts; interior   more... »
tagaloób : [noun] insider (one with confidential information)   more... »
makapagkaloób : [verb] to be able to grant   more... »
loba : imagination; fancy.; fancy; fantasy; vision; dream;   more... »
lumoob : a measure equal to thirty-three and a half inches; vara;   more... »
lomoob : a measure equivalent to half an arm's length; a forearm's length; cubit; half arm's length;   more... »
panlook : dark circles; the appearance of darkened areas under the eyes caused by illness or lack of sleep; eye bags; raccoon eyes;   more... »
isaloób : [verb] to take something in; to internalize something   more... »
may-loob : [adjective] having courage   more... »
salooban : the state of being alone or united in thoughts; unity of thoughts; consensus; agreement; consonance; harmony;   more... »
balikloób : the act of returning or changing one's mind towards the good or the bad; conversion; transformation; change of heart; reversal;   more... »
manloloób : [noun] intruder   more... »
pínakaloób : [adjective] innermost   more... »
mapasaloob : [verb] to occur to one's mind   more... »
walâng-loób : not wanting and lacking in feeling; unfeeling; indifferent; apathetic;   more... »
sulíbang-loób : a person who has envy towards others; envious; jealous;   more... »
sukal ng loób : [noun] resentment; bitterness   more... »
tibay ng loób : [noun] resilience; inner strength   more... »
sirâ ang loób : [idiomatic] discouraged; disheartened; lacking confidence   more... »
masamáng-loób : [adjective] malicious intent; [noun] bad person; someone with bad intent; villain   more... »
mabúting-loób : [noun] a good person; someone with good intent; [adjective] good intent   more... »
magbagong-loob : [verb] to change one's own heart or disposition   more... »
masamâ ang loób : [idiom] with an ill feeling; harboring a grudge   more... »
palagáyang-loób : trust in each other; mutual trust; confidence; rapport;   more... »
malakás ang loób : [adjective] brave; confident   more... »
magmagandáng-loób : [verb] to provide out of goodwill   more... »
kalubáyan-ng-loób : being shy; timidity; shyness; bashfulness;   more... »
pagpapalagayang-loob : [noun] intimacy   more... »
magkapalagayang-loób : [verb] to get along with   more... »

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