Root: patay

patay is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root patay:
~ related to killing

Patay Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "patay"

mamatáy : [verb] to die; to be dead   more... »
patayín : [verb] to kill someone; to slaughter something (an animal); to turn off something; to shut off something; to extinguish something   more... »
patáy : [adjective] dead; deceased; [noun] dead (person); [expressions] crap / oh my gosh / dang (slang)   more... »
mapatáy : [verb] to be able to kill something (OF); to be able to turn off / extinguish (OF); to be killed (AF)   more... »
pumatáy : [verb] to kill; to murder; to extinguish   more... »
pagpatáy : [noun] murder; killing   more... »
pagkamatáy : [noun] death   more... »
magpakamatáy : [verb] to commit suicide   more... »
kamatayan : [noun] death; doom   more... »
patayan : [noun] killing; slaughter;   more... »
mamatayán : [verb] to suffer the loss of someone (due to death)   more... »
kinamatayán : [noun] place where someone died   more... »
ikamatáy : [verb] to cause death   more... »
nakapatáy : [adjective] dead; turned off   more... »
ipapatáy : [verb] to have someone killed   more... »
magpatáy : [verb] to slaughter (animals); to kill; to turn off (e.g., lights, the faucet, etc.)   more... »
pamatáy : [noun] anything used for killing or turning off or extinguishing; [adjective] stunning clothes (colloquial); killer (smile)   more... »
nakamámatáy : [adjective] deadly; fatal   more... »
kamámatáy : just died; recently died   more... »
pagpápakamatáy : [noun] suicide   more... »
mámamátay-tao : [noun] killer; murderer; assassin   more... »
pampatáy : [noun] tool used for killing or slaughtering   more... »
pagkakapatáy : [noun] killing; death; the way someone was killed   more... »
makapatáy : [verb] to be able to kill   more... »
mangamatáy : [verb] to be wiped out (die/be killed)   more... »
pagpapatáy : [noun] turning off (e.g., a light); killing   more... »
magkámatayan : [verb] to fight to the death   more... »
natay : a contracted form of pumatay; killer; slayer; assassin; murderer;   more... »
katayán : [noun] slaughterhouse   more... »
ipagpatay : [verb] to use some specific thing in killing   more... »
patrisidyo : the act of killing one's own father.; patricide;   more... »
pátay-patay : lazy; idle; inactive; sluggish; indolent;   more... »
patáy-dampót : [adjective] unconscious; dead weight   more... »
pamatáy-lamók : a chemical formula and tool for killing pest mosquitoes; mosquito killer; insecticide; bug zapper; mosquito repellent;   more... »
patáy-patayan : [noun] playing dead; pretending to be dead   more... »
Mamatáy ka na! : [interjection] I hope you die!; I hope you drop dead!   more... »
pamatáy-kulisap : chemical formula and equipment for killing pest insects; insecticide; pesticide; bug killer; insect repellent;   more... »
patayan ng hayop : [noun] slaughterhouse   more... »
parusang kamatayan : [noun] death penalty   more... »

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