Root: puno

puno is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root puno:
~ related to 1.) full/filled, 2.) leading, 3.) trees

Puno Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "puno"

pu : 1.) [noun] tree; 2.) [noun] chief; boss; executive; head (of an organization)   more... »
punô : [adjective] full; filled   more... »
mapunô : [verb] to become full; to be filled; to be full of; to be suffused; to be crowded; to be fed up with   more... »
punuín : [verb] to fill something; to fill a container   more... »
pamunuan : [verb] to lead something; to direct something; to preside over something   more... »
pinuno : [noun] leader; chief; ruler; official; officer;   more... »
mamu : [verb] to lead (people); to head (lead/be in charge); to conduct   more... »
pamumu : [noun] leadership   more... »
punuán : [verb] to fill something in   more... »
pámunuán : [noun] management; leadership; directors; board of officers   more... »
magpunô : [verb] to fill; to fill up; to compensate   more... »
punong-punô : 1.) [adjective] very full; to the brim; crammed; 2.) [adjective] fed up; extremely angry;   more... »
punán : [verb] to fill something; to fill something out; to complement something; to supplement something; to amplify something   more... »
púnong-kahoy : [noun] tree; tree trunk; wooden tree (in contrast to, for example, a palm tree)   more... »
pumunô : [verb] to fill; to fill up   more... »
tagapamuno : [noun] leader   more... »
punín : to fill up by packing or stuffing tightly; to cram; stuff; pack; cram; fill;   more... »
munô : crumpled to fill; stuff; fill up; cram;   more... »
pamunô : something used to fill something that is lacking; filler; supplement; additive;   more... »
maminuno : [verb] to act as chief officer or official   more... »
makapunô : a type of coconut that has thick and soft flesh usually made into sweets; macapuno; kopyor; sweet coconut;   more... »
pagpunuan : [verb] to act as chief of a specific group   more... »
puno`ng-katawán : term for the penis or vagina; derogatory or vulgar; genitals; private parts; reproductive organs;   more... »
puno`ng-himpilan : the building or place for a chief military officer and their personnel; headquarters; main office; central command;   more... »

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