Root: sagot

sagot is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root sagot:
~ related to answer, reply

Sagot Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "sagot"

sagót : [noun] answer; reply; response   more... »
sumagót : [verb] to answer; to reply; to pay for; to shoulder (a cost)   more... »
sagutín : [verb] to answer someone/something; to reply to someone/something; to rebut; to be responsible for   more... »
masagót : [verb] to be able to answer something/someone (OF)   more... »
sagutin : [noun] responsibility   more... »
isagót : [verb] to answer something; to answer with something; to reply to something   more... »
makasagót : [verb] be able to answer   more... »
sagután : [verb] to answer something; to fill out a form   more... »
pagsagót : [noun] answering; upon answering; assuming responsibility; acknowledging   more... »
sagutan : [noun] quarrel; dialog   more... »
maisagót : [verb] to be able to answer something   more... »
managót : [verb] to be responsible for; to be held responsible for; to answer for   more... »
kasagutan : [noun] answer; arguing; solution   more... »
pananagutan : [noun] responsibility; obligation; liability; charge   more... »
panagután : [verb] to be responsible for something/someone   more... »
magsasagót : [verb] to answer back boldly or repeatedly   more... »
papanagutín : [verb] to hold someone responsible   more... »
panagót : [noun] bond; voucher; guarantee; excuse   more... »
pagkakásagót : [noun] answering   more... »
pananagót : the act or behavior of answering, usually in a rude or impolite manner; rudeness; impertinence; disrespect; insolence;   more... »
pasagutan : [verb] to request someone to stand as guarantor for   more... »
pasagutin : [verb] to ask someone to answer   more... »
magsagutan : [verb] to have a heated argument with another   more... »
tagapanagót : [noun] guarantor   more... »
pagsasagutan : the action or method of answering each other via letters, telephone, or other forms of communication; correspondence; exchange; communication; dialogue;   more... »
sagut-sagutín : [verb] to answer repeatedly   more... »
masakit na sagot : [noun] sharp reply   more... »
di dapat managot : [adjective] blameless   more... »

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