Root: sakit

sakit is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root sakit:
~ related to pain, hurt, illness, disease

Sakit Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "sakit"

sakit : [noun] moral suffering; anguish; sick of / tired of   more... »
sakít : 1.) [noun] pain; ache; ailment; 2.) [noun] illness; disease; ill; sickness;   more... »
masakít : [adjective] painful; hurts; hurting   more... »
masaktán : [verb] to hurt someone (OF); to be hurt (AF); to be injured (AF);to be offended (AF); to hurt someone's feelings (OF)   more... »
magkasakít : [verb] to become sick; to get sick; to catch an illness; to get ill; to break down   more... »
sumakít : [verb] to ache; to hurt; to become painful   more... »
nasaktán : [adjective] hurt; injured; harmed   more... »
saktán : [verb] to hurt someone/something; to harm someone/something; to injure someone/something; to treat someone poorly   more... »
manakít : [verb] to hurt someone/something (OF); to be in pain (AF)   more... »
makasakít : [verb] to hurt; to accidentally/unintentionally hurt   more... »
ansakít : [adjective] very painful; how painful!   more... »
magkakasakít : [noun] sick people   more... »
nakakasakít : [adjective] painful; hurtful   more... »
hinanakít : [noun] grievance; resentment; grudge;   more... »
pananakít : [noun] abuse; physical abuse; pain; body pain; body ache; hurting   more... »
sakitin : [adjective] sickly   more... »
pinakamasakít : [adjective] the most painful   more... »
maysakít : [noun] patient; sick person   more... »
may sakít : [adjective] sick; ill; to be sick   more... »
pasakit : [noun] suffering; grief; torment; punishment;   more... »
mapanakit : [adjective] hurtful   more... »
pagmamalasakit : [noun] concern; compassion; empathy; solicitude   more... »
napakasakít : [adjective] very painful   more... »
sakít-sakít : [adjective] hurting a lot; very painful; in a lot of pain   more... »
pagkakasakít : [noun] getting sick; becoming sick; suffering from a sickness   more... »
pagpapakasakit : [noun] sacrifice   more... »
pagsakít : [noun] injury; hurting   more... »
nakít : a form of the root word 'sakit'.; pain; sickness; illness; ailment; disease;   more... »
busakít : industrious in work; diligent in activities; industrious; diligent; hardworking; assiduous; persevering;   more... »
panyakit : fistula; a type of boil that is recurrent, constantly festering, and oozing with pus; boil; abscess;   more... »
bulusakit : eagerness in work; diligence; industriousness; zeal; assiduity;   more... »
pasakitin : [verb] to cause bodily pain to   more... »
pagsasakit : a variant of 'pagpapakasakit'; suffering; endurance; sacrifice; hardship;   more... »
pagkasaktan : [verb] to have sickness in one's family   more... »
sakít ng ulo : [noun] headache   more... »
paghinanaktan : [verb] to feel resentful towards someone for some unexpected hurt   more... »
mahihinanaktin : [adjective] prone to have grievance, or feel reproachful of someone   more... »
mapagpakasakit : [adjective] suffering much   more... »
sakit na mabigat : [noun] serious illness   more... »
masasakit na salita : [noun] biting words   more... »
pagpapakasakit sa sarili : [noun] self-sacrifice   more... »

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