Root: salin

salin is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root salin:
~ related to translating or copying or transferring or pouring

Salin Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "salin"

salin : [noun] translation; copy; copying; turning over   more... »
isalin : [verb] to transfer something; to translate something   more... »
maisalin : [verb] to be able to transfer something; to be able to translate something   more... »
magsalin : [verb] to transfer (usually, from one container to another); to pour; to copy; to translate   more... »
pagsasalin : [noun] translating; turning over; transfusion   more... »
tagapagsalin : [noun] transferrer; translator   more... »
masalin : [verb] to be transferred into another container (liquid, etc.)   more... »
salinan : [verb] to fill one container with something from another   more... »
salinan : [noun] container used for something poured from another container   more... »
pasalin : [verb] to get someone to transfer something from one container to another container   more... »
tagasalin : [noun] translator   more... »
masalinan : [verb] to be able to fill a container with something transferred from another container   more... »
salinwika : [noun] language translation   more... »
pasalinan : [verb] to have one container filled with something from another container   more... »
kasalinowán : a fertility ritual in catangalan, formerly obando, which is the origin of the dance performed to have children during the feast of the patron saints santa clara, san pascual baylon, and the virgin of salambaw; fertility ritual; fertility dance;   more... »

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