Root: takda

takda is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root takda:
~ related to being set or defined or limited

Takda Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "takda"

nakatakdâ : [adjective] scheduled; set; destined; fixed; arranged   more... »
itakdâ : [verb] to set something; to settle something; to restrict something; to assign something; to prescribe something; to determine something;   more... »
magtakdâ : [verb] to appoint; to settle; to set; to assign   more... »
takdâ : [noun] appointed time/location; appropriate (time); bounds; limitation; restriction; [adjective] limited; restricted;   more... »
maitakdâ : [verb] to be able to set something; to be able to assign something; to be able to prescribe something; to be able to settle something; to be able to determine something; to be able to restrict something.   more... »
pagtatakdâ : [noun] limiting; restricting   more... »
takada : a way of expression; manner; method; style; mode;   more... »
pana-an : an item that is designated to be given away; gift; offering; present; giveaway;   more... »
takdaán : [verb] to limit something; to restrict something   more... »
takdawan : rice plant that is just beginning to form grains; rice that is in the grain-filling phase; grain-filling rice; young rice grains; developing rice;   more... »
patakda`an : guidance or list of assignments; agenda; schedule; itinerary; checklist;   more... »
pagtakdaan : [verb] to set apart for some special use   more... »
natátakdaán : [adjective] limited   more... »
walang-takdâ : [adjective] indefinite; limitless   more... »
takdâng-panahón : the last day or hour for the end of anything; deadline; due date; time limit;   more... »
lupaining katakdaan : [noun] territorial limits   more... »

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