Root: tama

tama is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root tama:
~ related to correct, right, ideal, exact

Tama Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "tama"

ta : [adjective] right; correct; proper; enough; all right; exact; reliable; just right; right; [noun] correct answer; shot; hit; [interjection] I agree.   more... »
tamán : patience; perseverance; endurance; tenacity; steadfastness;   more... »
tamaan : [verb] to answer something correctly; to hit something; to get the winning number; to spank someone   more... »
tuma : [verb] to be correct; to hit (the mark); to win (a game of chance)   more... »
matamaan : [verb] to be hit by something; to be struck; to win; to get high (slang)   more... »
amats : [adjective] drunk; buzzed; high; inebriated; (slang / informal) (derived from feeling "tama")   more... »
ita : [verb] to make something right; to correct something;   more... »
pata : [noun] veiled comment; insinuation   more... »
maita : [verb] to be able to correct something; to be able to make something right   more... »
támang-ta : [adjective] just right; 100% correct; absolutely correct; ideal; suitable; accurate; on point; exact; exactly   more... »
pagta : [noun] hitting; hit   more... »
patamaan : [verb] to make a dig at someone; to aim at something   more... »
magta : [verb] to correct; to tally; to hit   more... »
pagtata : [noun] correction; correcting   more... »
palaná : caused death by being hit or struck; fatal blow; deadly hit; lethal strike;   more... »
Tama na : it's enough; that's enough   more... »
manamaná : frequent target of mockery or ridicule; butt of jokes; laughingstock; object of ridicule;   more... »
patamain : [verb] cause something to hit the target   more... »

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