Root: tanggap

tanggap is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root tanggap:
~ related to receiving, accepting

Tanggap Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "tanggap"

tanggapín : [verb] to accept something; to receive something; to recognize something; to concede something; to admit something   more... »
matanggáp : [verb] to accept something (OF); to be able to accept something (OF); to receive something (OF)   more... »
tumanggáp : [verb] to receive; to accept; to allow   more... »
tanggáp : [adjective] received; receiving; accepted; accepting; admitted; admit   more... »
makatanggáp : [verb] to receive; to be able to receive   more... »
tanggapan : [noun] office; agency   more... »
pagtanggáp : [noun] receipt; acceptance; welcome; admission of fault; reception; acknowledgement   more... »
katanggáp-tanggáp : [adjective] acceptable   more... »
pagkatanggáp : [adverb] after receiving (upon receipt)   more... »
pagkakátanggáp : [noun] acceptance (act of receiving what is offered)   more... »
reseptor : end organ or group of end organs of sensory or specialized neurons that are sensitive to stimulation; receptor; sensory receptor;   more... »
mananggap : [verb] to admit the truth   more... »
aseptable : acceptable; can be accepted; admissible; suitable; allowable; permissible;   more... »
aseptasyón : acceptance or the act of accepting; acceptance; reception; acknowledgment;   more... »
resipyente : anything or anyone that receives; recipient; receiver;   more... »
resepsiyón : the act or process of receiving or welcoming; reception; welcoming; acceptance;   more... »
pananggapan : [verb] to admit (the truth of)   more... »
pagtatanggáp : [noun] receiving; accepting; admitting   more... »
dí-pagkatanggáp : [noun] not accepted; exclusion; rejection   more... »
maaaring tanggapin : [adjective] acceptable (capable of beeing acceted)   more... »

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