Root: tao

tao is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root tao:
~ related to people, humans

Tao Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "tao"

tao : [noun] people; person; human   more... »
tauhan : [noun] staff; character; employee; minion; subordinate; henchmen;   more... »
tauhan : [verb] to staff; to man;   more... »
katao : [noun] people; human being   more... »
pagkatao : [noun] personality; identity; humanity; inner self; self; character;   more... »
matauhan : [verb] to regain consciousness; to revive; to come to one's senses   more... »
sángkatauhan : [noun] humankind; humanity; mankind   more... »
matao : [adjective] populous; populated; heavily populated   more... »
pantao : [adjective] human   more... »
makatao : [adjective] humane; for humanity; for the people   more... »
katauhan : [noun] identity; personality; reputation; person; inner being; character;   more... »
panauhin : [noun] guest; visitor   more... »
karapatáng pantao : [noun] human rights   more... »
pinakamatao : [adjective] most populated   more... »
pagkakatawang-tao : [noun] incarnation   more... »
taú-tauhan : [noun] puppet; manikin; action-figures; figurehead   more... »
tumao : [verb] to man / temporarily watch a place   more... »
panao : [adjective] personal   more... »
patao : [noun] act of supplying personnel or manpower   more... »
tauhin : [verb] to consider/treat as a human being   more... »
pagtao : staying at home as a guard while the members of the family are away; house-sitting; home guarding; keeping watch;   more... »
tao pô : [expression] anybody home?; anyone there?; there's someone here; * Usually someone may say this after knocking on a door to announce their presence   more... »
malatao : [adjective] human- like   more... »
nakatao : [adjective] stationed; manning; staffing   more... »
tagatao : [noun] person who minds a house during absence of the regular occupants   more... »
mga tao : [noun] people   more... »
baguntao : [noun] young man; bachelor; adolescent male   more... »
panauhan : [grammar] person (e.g., 1st person, 2nd person, etc.)   more... »
dalantao : [noun] pregnancy; becoming pregnant   more... »
Kataugnan : place; area; location; site; spot;   more... »
humanidád : humanity; the race of humans; mankind; humankind; human race; human beings;   more... »
húgis-tao : having a form or shape similar to that of a human; anthropomorphic; humanoid; human-like; human-shaped;   more... »
katataohan : a being that can take on a human body; anthropomorphic entity; shapeshifter; humanoid;   more... »
pagpapatao : [noun] act of supplying personnel or manpower   more... »
palatauhan : [noun] anthropology   more... »
dílang-tao : every person; everyone; all people; everybody; each person;   more... »
magpakatao : [verb] to behave   more... »
táong-gubat : a person who was raised in the forest or has life and manners similar to that of a forest animal; forest person; wild man; hermit;   more... »
pagpapakatao : [noun] acting with the dignity befitting a human being   more... »
sa katauhan ni : [phrase] in the person of   more... »
magkátawáng-tao : to become human or to take on the form of a human being; incarnate; take human form;   more... »

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