Root: tigas

tigas is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root tigas:
~ related to hardness; firmness; rigidity

Tigas Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "tigas"

matigás : [adjective] hard; firm; strong; tough; inflexible;   more... »
tigás : [noun] hardness; firmness; stubbornness; stiffness; tautness; inflexibility   more... »
tumigás : [verb] to harden; to stiffen; to become hard; to be undisciplined   more... »
manigás : [verb] to become hard; to become stiff   more... »
tigasán : [verb] to harden something; to make something hard   more... »
magmatigás : [verb] to stand firm   more... »
patigasan : [noun] ignoring each other; avoiding each other   more... »
katigasan : [noun] hardness; stiffness   more... »
tigasin : 1.) [noun] person looked upon as powerful or influential; 2.) [adjective] easily aroused sexually; easily prone to having an erection (of a man);   more... »
pagmamatigás : [noun] pertinence   more... »
patigás : [noun] something to make something else sturdy   more... »
panigás : a post or support that props up a house or roof; pillar; support; prop; stanchion; upright;   more... »
pagtigás : [noun] hardening; getting hard   more... »
tigás ng ulo : [adjective] hardheaded; stubborn   more... »
pinakamatigás : [adjective] hardest; toughest; strongest   more... »
dilang matigas : [noun] tongue not easily adaptable to pronounce certain sounds in speach   more... »

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