Root: sulat

sulat is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root sulat:
~ related to writing

Sulat Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "sulat"

magsulát : [verb] to write; to write a lot; to compose   more... »
sulat : [noun] letter; message; writing; handwriting   more... »
nakasulat : [adjective] written; [noun] something written   more... »
sulatin : [verb] to write something; to compose something; to write something creatively; * informal/slang   more... »
isulat : [verb] to write something (OF); to write something for someone (BF)   more... »
sumulat : [verb] to write   more... »
sulatan : [verb] to write on something; to draw on something; to write to someone;   more... »
manunulát : [noun] writer   more... »
pagsusulát : [noun] writing; the act of writing; authorship   more... »
masulat : [verb] to be able to write something   more... »
pagsulat : [noun] writing; act or process of writing   more... »
pagkakasulat : [noun] writing; writing style; manner of writing   more... »
maisulat : [verb] to be able to write something   more... »
kasulatán : [noun] document; writings   more... »
panulat : [noun] writing instrument   more... »
súlat-kamáy : [noun] handwriting; handwritten text; penmanship   more... »
tagasulat : [noun] writer; clerk   more... »
pasulatan : [noun] publishing house; publisher's office   more... »
pagsúsulatan : [noun] something to write on   more... »
pagsúsulatán : [noun] exchange of letters   more... »
isulat sa tubig : [idiom] forget about it; * literally: it's written on water   more... »

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