hey guys how do i improve speaking tagalog without talking to ot

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Author Photo by: PristineTulip
Jul 05 2020, 8:24am CST ~ 1 mo., 5 days ago. 
hey guys how do i improve speaking tagalog without talking to other people?
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Author Photo XandraV
Jul 05 2020, 9:31am CST ~ 1 mo., 5 days ago. 
Hello Pristine
May I ask you some clarifications: without talking to other people because you can't (no native speakers around you) or because you prefer not?
In case you prefer not, it's your decision and I respect that but it may be harder, although not impossible.
Here are some suggestions, pick up what could work for you.
1. Prepare a script/dialogue in English or in Tagalog ask someone here if they would be willing to translate or correct it for you. If they are willing to walk the extra mile, maybe they could help you by making an audio record of your script. Then you can practice and study on your own your script until you feel confident. Re-do the process. Once you build up some confidence already, you could try to record yourself speaking, then send it to friendly native speakers who could evaluate, give tips, correct, etc.
2. Another way: buy /find (online) audio/video resources with the written text. Try to learn the text, some simple sentences, and basic dialogues, and practice out loud, try to mimic faithfully the sounds, accent, etc. you hear.
3. Study hard from A to Z from pronunciation, and spelling to sentences's structures. Build up a solid knowledge. Then practice on your own, don't hesitate to speak aloud, to imagine your own role-play, to record. You will still need to make use of audio/video media to make sure you sound good enough.
4. Try some applications that help you learn basics sentences, common vocabulary and verbs. I have a (french) student who did pretty well in her first class with me because she studied on her own via Duolingo. I am sure people in community can recommend you some good ones.
Now, once you get some confidence, I would still recommend you to try speaking with someone. Believe me, nothing is more rewarding and meaningful than learning with native speakers. You can surely find somebody who won't judge you for your possible mistakes but who will provide you with a safe environment where you can improve your speaking!
There are several options you can consider trying no matter where you live.
- look for Filippino in your place: many of them work abroad, so in Saudia too
- find some friendly native speaker online, to ask your questions, exchange messages calls..
- get yourself a language partner/penpal: somebody who wants to learn your native language and who speaks your target language (Tagalog). Starts with messages or emails if you are more comfortable this way then when you feel ready, switch to call/video. I only know www.conversationexch g=en since I usually get my language partners there, but it should be other sites.
-get yourself a native teacher (you can find awesome ones for very low prices). Choose one who fits your learning style, personal vibes, and expectations. You have many platforms for that but I only know Italki which is a legit good place.
Most of all! enjoy and have fun because it's still the best way to learn anything!
Best luck! 😊
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Author Photo jkos Badge: AdminBadge: SupporterBadge: VIP Supporter
Jul 05 2020, 10:04am CST ~ 1 mo., 5 days ago. 
@XandraV has some good suggestions.
But I’d like to re-emphasize that the whole point of learning how to Speak is to be able to communicate with other people. And the only true way to get good at communicating with other people in a new language, is to speak with them, directly!
You could do a lot of things to “prepare” to speak, but just actually speaking with someone is going to be the best way to get used to it...just jump in!
NOW...I also have a personal opinion (that some disagree with) that if you want to reach a high level in the language, you need to build up a pretty hefty vocab and have a lot of experience reading and listening before doing too much speaking... The idea being that you don’t want to ingrain bad speaking habits in the beginning that you’ll have to relearn later.
What level are you at now? Oftentimes I’ve noticed that trouble speaking has to do with having too small a base of knowledge about the underlying language and grammar patterns.
Some things to consider!
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Author Photo XandraV
Jul 05 2020, 10:12am CST ~ 1 mo., 5 days ago. 
@jkos True, true, true! 😊 Nothing can replace real human interactions, but as you said some good preparations can facilitate or ease that phase.
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Author Photo Bituingmaykinang
Jul 05 2020, 1:30pm CST ~ 1 mo., 5 days ago. 
You'll never improve unless you immerse yourself. You may acquire passive knowledge, but you'll never be able to express yourself in the language if you won't immerse yourself.
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Author Photo jsongsong
Jul 16 2020, 2:12pm CST ~ 3 weeks, 3 days ago. 
Youtube has many channels you can learn from and the lessons are taught by native speakers which will definitely help with pronunciation.
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