Question: how long does it usually take to learn tagalog? what k

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Author Photo by: tklllllllllll
Oct 14 2022, 10:49pm CST ~ 7 mos. ago. 
Question: how long does it usually take to learn tagalog? what kind of schedules should i use for my lessons?
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Author Photo BREG
Oct 15 2022, 11:58pm CST ~ 7 mos. ago. 
It really depends on what your goal is, but the most important thing is consistency. Pick a minimum time to practice everyday and make it a part of your daily routine. Then at the end of every week or two weeks, assess your progress and see what needs more work. If your goal is to speak fluently, think about how long you've been speaking fluently in your native language and how much practice that took...years of full immersion through school and daily life probably. Try defining a goal and working toward it for a month and see how you do with your minimum practice time.
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Author Photo tklllllllllll
Feb 02 2023, 6:30am CST ~ 4 mos., 2 days ago. 
@BREG omg ty ^^ that's similar to my learning style already so that's a relief
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Author Photo Axel2023
Feb 02 2023, 10:03am CST ~ 4 mos., 2 days ago. 
@tklllllllllll generally 1100 hours are needed to speak a language, not to be bilingual 😉 but it depends on your goal, we need to know about 1000 words for a daily conversation.
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Author Photo F13RYFOX
Feb 10 2023, 11:42am CST ~ 3 mos., 24 days ago. 
@tklllllllllll It seems pretty easy to learn the words, I've only been studying for four days and I already have about 30 words down. The only problem I have is with the grammar, don't know how to properly structure a sentence
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