Question: What means "ika"

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Author Photo by: Bennie329
Apr 09 2024, 6:46am CST ~ 1 mo., 19 days ago. 
Question: What means "ika"
I am learning Tagalog a lot thru listening to songs (pinay girls know how to sing their heart out, don't they ... )
Here is a line from Bituin Escalante's "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana"
Hindi ba't kailan lang nang ika'y iwanan n'ya
(Hasn't it only been a while since she left you)
I am struggeling with the word "ika" ... the dictionary tells me:
1. ika-: [prefix] Nth (4th, 5th, 9th, etc.); cause, be the cause of (ika+noun or verb)
2. ikà: said (short for "wika")
Neither one of the above seems to fit ...
I think it needs a native Tagalog speaker to clarify the usage of "ika" in this sentence (or maybe I am simply too stubborn to get it ... )
Have a great day everybody ...
P.S.: while waiting for a reply, I was thinking about the matter .. maybe "ika'y" is short for "ikaw ay" ... that would make sense to the translation "she left YOU" ...
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Author Photo Juantutri Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Apr 09 2024, 9:39am CST ~ 1 mo., 19 days ago. 
Yes, that’s what it is – ikaw ay = ika’y. The contraction of the personal pronoun + ay is quite commonly done.
You are likely to also encounter the following contractions: “ako’y (ako ay)”, “kami’y”, “tayo’y”, “kayo’y”, “siya’y”, and “sila’y”.
Kumain na tayo. = Tayo’y kumain na. = Let’s eat already.
Then there are also “ko’y (ko ay)”, “nami’y (namin ay)”, “nati’y”, “mo’y”, “ninyo’y/n’yo’y”, “niya’y”, and “nila’y”.
Alicia ang pangalan niya. = Ang pangalan niya’y Alicia. = Her name is Alicia.
Less frequently, we also use, “aki’y (akin ay)”, “ami’y”, “ati’y”, “iyo’y”, “inyo’y”, “kaniya’y”, and “kanila’y”.
Mabait sila sa iyo. = Sila’y mabait sa iyo. = Sa iyo’y mabait sila. = They are nice to you.
Ang (sa) inyo’y inyo at ang (sa) ami’y amin. = What’s yours is your and what’s ours is ours. - Some of us might omit the "sa".
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