Question: I saw the following title of a youtube video "bigay na

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Author Photo by: josdebos
Apr 20 2024, 11:11am CST ~ 1 mo., 8 days ago. 
Question: I saw the following title of a youtube video "bigay na kami". 'bigay' means 'thing' so it did not make sense : we are a thing now ???. My wife said it means "we are compatible". I do not see the logic behind this expression. Who can help?
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Author Photo Juantutri Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Apr 20 2024, 7:39pm CST ~ 1 mo., 7 days ago. 
“Bigáy” means “something given”. “Bagay” is “a thing”, but also “matched, coordinated”.
“Ang BAGAY na ito ay BIGÁY lang sa akin, pero hindî siyá BAGAY sa akin”. = This THING was just GIVEN to me, but it doesn’t SUIT me.
“BIGÁY na kamí”, depending on the context, may be understood as “therefore, we had to give/give in”. However, when written and very informally at that, it should be “ ‘bigáy ” because it is the clipped version of “magbigay (to give something)” or “bumigáy (to yield, relent)”.
Hindî kamí makatanggi kayâ ‘bigáy na kamí. = We could not refuse/say no to/refute it that’s why we had to give (alms, donation, etc.)/give in.
“BAGAY na kamí” means “then we’re a match/compatible”.

Pareho kamíng mahilig manoód ng sine kayâ bagay na kamí. = We’re both fond of watching movies, then that makes us compatible.
So, I think what was said was “bagay na kami”.
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Author Photo josdebos
Apr 21 2024, 5:45am CST ~ 1 mo., 7 days ago. 
Yes, it was indeed "bagay na kami" and not "bigay na kami". Sorry for the confusion. Seeing now that "bagay" has different meanings, translating it as "we are compatible now" makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
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