Question: Translate "The assignment is due tomorrow."

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Author Photo by: quarter
Nov 21 2022, 4:55pm CST ~ 1 year, 5 mos ago. 
Question: Translate "The assignment is due tomorrow."
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Author Photo quarter
Nov 28 2022, 12:57am CST ~ 1 year, 5 mos ago. 
Because I'd normally just say "Bukas ang due date ng takdang aralin."
What's the translation for "due", "due date" (I think it's "takdang petsa"?), and "deadline"?
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Author Photo quarter
Dec 04 2022, 11:17pm CST ~ 1 year, 5 mos ago. 
Can someone answer? @Juantutri hehe
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Author Photo pippa50
Dec 05 2022, 9:41am CST ~ 1 year, 5 mos ago. 
You can write "Isumite ang takdang aralin bukas." (Submit the assignment tomorrow.) You can also replace "bukas" with the due date. For example, "Isumite and takdang aralin sa ika-10 ng Disyembre." (Submit the assignment on December 10.)
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Author Photo Noradavis
Dec 08 2022, 6:24am CST ~ 1 year, 5 mos ago. 
Translate The assignment is due tomorrow. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.The assignment is due tomorrow, so if anyone could help me in any ... Work your solution out on paper first, then translate that to code.There's no way around it, the assignment is due tomorrow, a presentation is due in a couple of weeks, and a different project after that.Laser printed on creamy bond paper, the assignment is due tomorrow. It's from your freshman course in ... There is a translation, or notes for one, typed.
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Author Photo quarter
Jan 18 2023, 2:31am CST ~ 1 year, 3 mos ago. 
Bumping this once more because I'm not satisfied with the answers
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Author Photo bizmoooth Badge: Native Tagalog Speaker
Jan 25 2023, 8:12pm CST ~ 1 year, 3 mos ago. 
Direct translations that would not sound old Tagalog would be:
1.Bukas ang pasahan ng assignment (sounds like an old tagalog speaker)
- We don't usually use "takdang aralin", but you can definitely use it instead of "assignment".
- Tomorrow is the deadline of the assignment (kind of like stating facts only)
2. Bukas na yung pasahan ng takdang aralin/assignment (this one sounds normal to me)
-Tomorrow IS the deadline of the assignment (NA here is used to stress that tomorrow is the DEADLINE of the assignment, it's like when you stress a word when you are speaking.)
Bukas (tomorrow) / na ang pasahan (is the deadline) / ng takdang aralin (of the assignment)
Deadline /Duedate / submission just means "araw ng pasahan" or we just say "pasahan"
Just like Shakespearean english, native speakers here in PH don't use deep/old tagalog words anymore.
I'm not really good at English but I can definitely understand and translate it directly into tagalog (I grew up and still living here in PH for 28 years.)
Let me know if you have any questions!
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Author Photo akoman0723
Jan 31 2023, 6:11am CST ~ 1 year, 3 mos ago. 
@bizmoooth it’s interesting to see in another reply that “isumite” and similar adaptations have become known as modern Tagalog. It’s only been a few decades since I was last in the Philippines, but it’s amazing to see how so much English has been adopted as modern Tagalog to the point where someone who grew up a non-metropolitan Tagalog-centric province might not recognize the word at all.
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