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The Tagalog word naghirap is the Filipino verb maghirap » conjugated in the Completed aspect ( past tense )

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[verb]  to experience difficulty; to suffer; to become poor

Verb conjugations of maghirap:

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Root: hirapConjugation Type: Mag-
Completed (Past):
Uncompleted (Present):
Contemplated (Future):
maghirap  Play audio #23795
Completed (Past):
naghirap  Play audio #23796
Uncompleted (Present):
naghihirap  Play audio #23797
Contemplated (Future):
maghihirap  Play audio #23798
Naghirap Example Sentences in Tagalog: (13)
Here are some hand-picked example sentences for this conjugation of this verb from this site's Filipino language editors.
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Hindî niyá ginustóng maghirap o masangkót sa guló.
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He never wanted to suffer or have trouble.
Hindî akó ipinanganák para lang maghirap.
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I wasn't born just to suffer.
Bakit mo siyá hinayaang maghirap?
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Why did you allow her to suffer?
Matagál na naghirap ang mga Dela Fuente.
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For a long time, the Dela Fuentes suffered.
Iláng taón siyáng naghirap sa loób ng kulungan.
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She suffered in prison for several years.
Naghirap si JC dahil nawalán siyá ng trabaho.
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JC suffered becaus he lost his job.
Dumarami ang mga Filipinong naghihirap.
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More and more Filipinos are becoming poor.
Nadudurog ang pu ko habang nakikita siyáng naghihirap.
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It was agonizing for me to see him struggle.
Naghihirap silá dahil sa kawalán ng katarungan.
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They suffer from injustice.
Tinútulungan ni Loida ang mga naghihirap.
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Loida helps those who are in need.
Tiyák na maghihirap ang mga bíktima.
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The victims will surely experience difficulty.
Hindî ka maghihirap kung hihingî ka ng tulong.
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You won't suffer if you ask for help.
Hindî niyá alám na maghihirap siyá.
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She doesn't know that she will experience difficulty.

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