Root: hirap

hirap is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root hirap:
~ related to 1.) difficulty, 2.) poverty/suffering

Hirap Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "hirap"

hirap : [noun] difficulty; suffering; hardship   more... »
mahirap : [adjective] poor (financially); difficult; hard to do; complex; laborious; cumbersome; arduous; [noun] poor person   more... »
mahirapan : [verb] to experience difficulty/hardship; to have a hard time; to suffer difficulties; to have difficulty; to find something difficult; to be difficult for someone   more... »
pahirapan : [verb] to cause someone/something difficulties; to persecute someone; to cause someone stress; to give someone a burden; to torture someone;   more... »
páhirapán : [noun] torture; burden; pains; a pain (; difficulty/annoyance);   more... »
pahirapán : [adjective/adverb] torturous; painful; very difficult   more... »
maghirap : [verb] to experience difficulty; to suffer; to become poor   more... »
kahirapan : [noun] poverty; hardship; suffering; adversity; discomfort; difficulty   more... »
paghirapan : [verb] to work hard for something; to strain for something; to suffer for something; to strive for something   more... »
paghihirap : [noun] suffering; labor; hardship   more... »
pahirap : [noun] burden; punishment   more... »
pahiráp : [adjective] becoming poor; becoming hard to do   more... »
napakahirap : [adjective] very difficult   more... »
pinakamahirap : [adjective] poorest; most difficult   more... »
humirap : [verb] to become difficult   more... »
magpakahirap : [verb] to toil (work hard)   more... »
magpahirap : [verb] to cause difficulty; to cause trouble   more... »
hirapan : [verb] to make difficult   more... »
taghiráp : [noun] hard times; hardship   more... »
pagpapahirap : [noun] hard work; difficulty   more... »
pangmahirap : for the poor   more... »
hírap-hirap : [adjective] so hard; very difficult; very hard   more... »
hirapin : [verb] to be in poverty; to experience difficulties   more... »
ikahirap : [verb] to be the reason for becoming difficult   more... »
pampahirap : anything that becomes the cause of problems, suffering, pain, or difficulty; burden; affliction; hardship; oppressor;   more... »
kasinghirap : [adjective] as difficult as   more... »
papaghirapin : [verb] to bring to poverty   more... »
ikapagpahirap : [verb] to be the reason for making someone to suffer more   more... »
mapágpahinirap : one who mocks everyone; someone who derides all; tormentor; persecutor; scoffer; mocker;   more... »
pinagkakahirapan : [noun] difficulty (a thing that is hard to do or understand)   more... »
sa hiráp at ginhawa : [phrase] through thick and thin (literally: through difficult and easy/comfortable times)   more... »
mahirap na kalagayan : [noun] difficult situation; predicament   more... »
waláng kahiráp-hiráp : [adjective] without causing any difficulty; [adverb] very easily   more... »

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