Root: alam

alam is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root alam:
~ related to knowing, knowledge, understanding

Alam Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "alam"

alám : 1.) [adjective] know (facts); knew; knows; known; familiar; revealed; aware; conscious; 2.) [noun] knowledge; something known   more... »
malaman : [verb] to find out something; to know something; to learn about something; to discover something; to be conscious of something   more... »
paké : [noun] care (contraction of "pakialam"); concern   more... »
pakialám : [noun] give a care; care; meddler; interferer   more... »
kinalaman : [noun] connection; connection to something; regarding; a share (of something); knowledge about something   more... »
alamín : [verb] to find out something; to figure out something; to know something; * focus on the thing known/to be known   more... »
pagkakáalám : [noun] understanding; knowledge   more... »
kaalamán : [noun] knowledge; information; intelligence; idea; statistics   more... »
makialám : [verb] to meddle; to get involved; to step in; to interfere   more... »
maalam : [adjective] knowledgeable; wise; aware; well-versed   more... »
wápakéls : [expression/slang] I don't care; None of my business; Short for "Wala akong pakialam"   more... »
pakialamán : [verb] to meddle with someone; to interfere with something; to disturb someone; to mess with something   more... »
makaalám : [verb] to be able to know   more... »
kaalám-alám : having any knowledge (of something)   more... »
mapag-alamán : [verb] to come to realize something; to come to learn something; to come to find out something   more... »
pakialamero : [noun] meddler   more... »
lákompaké : [expression] I don't care; * short for "wala akong pakialam"   more... »
alaman : [noun] epistemology;   more... »
ipagbigáy-alám : [verb] to notify about something; to give knowledge about something   more... »
nakaaalám : [adjective] knows; knowing; to come to know   more... »
alamís : a statement that is suggestive or the act of giving something discreetly; insinuation; hint; suggestion; implication;   more... »
umalám : [verb] to know   more... »
amalám : to bring together two or more items in a special place, such as when selecting diamonds; gather; assemble; congregate; collect;   more... »
maalmán : a variant of the word 'malaman'; find out; learn; discover; get to know; become aware;   more... »
di-alám : not understood or not certain if true or real; unknown; uncertain; unfamiliar; unaware;   more... »
alám ko : [phrase] I know   more... »
kainalám : a companion of a person in an activity; an associate in an action; companion; associate; partner; collaborator; co-participant;   more... »
waláng alám : don't know   more... »
waláng paké : [phrase] without a care (short for "walang pakialam")   more... »
hindí ko alám : I don't know   more... »
waláng pakialám : don't care   more... »
pagbigay-alaman : [verb] to inform or give notice to someone   more... »
pagbigyang-alam : [verb] to inform or give notice to someone   more... »
Anóng pakí mo?! : [interjection] What's it to you?; Why are you asking?; Why do you want to know?   more... »
waláng kaalám-alám : know absolutely nothing; haven't the faintest idea; have no idea; have no clue   more... »
Walá kang pakialám! : [phrase] It's none of your business!   more... »

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