Root: pasok

pasok is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root pasok:
~ related to 1.) entering, 2.) going to school/work

Pasok Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "pasok"

pumasok : 1.) [verb] to go in; to enter; to get in; 2.) [verb] to go to school or work; to be hired   more... »
pasok : 1.) [noun] entry; entrance; admission; 2.) [noun] school day; work day; going to work   more... »
papasók : [adjective] incoming; entering; coming in to; [adverb] inwards   more... »
makapasok : [verb] to be able to enter; to be able to pass; to be able to get in   more... »
pasukin : [verb] to enter something; to go into something   more... »
pagpasok : [noun] entry; admission; infiltration; going to work; going to school; upon entering; setting in   more... »
pasukan : [verb] to enter into something; to go to work somewhere; to go to school somewhere   more... »
papasukin : [verb] to allow someone to enter; to let someone/something in   more... »
ipasok : [verb] to put something in/into; to take something/someone in; to insert something; to bring something inside; * focus on the item/person being put/placed/taken in   more... »
pasukán : [noun] start of the school year; the school year; entrance; entryway; entry   more... »
mapasok : [verb] to be able to enter; to be able to get inside; to be entered   more... »
mapasukan : [verb] to enter somewhere; to go to work/school somewhere   more... »
magpasok : [verb] to bring in; to take in; to introduce; to interpose; to put in; to insert; to enroll   more... »
kakapasok : just entered; just went to school/work   more... »
maipasok : [verb] to be able to enter; to be able to put it   more... »
mamasukan : [verb] to have a job; to be employed as   more... »
pamasok : [noun] clothes one uses when going to school, office, factory, etc.   more... »
masok : abbreviated from 'pumasok'; enter; go in; come in;   more... »
pagkákapasok : [noun] entry; upon entering   more... »
nasok : a shortened form of 'pumasok' and the past tense form of 'masok'; entered; went in; came in;   more... »
pampasok : [noun/adjective] referring esp. to clothes used by children in attending school   more... »
kapasukan : [noun] time for going to work, school, etc.   more... »
pakipasok : please enter; please pull in   more... »
magsipasok : [verb] to enter all together   more... »
waláng-pasok : no school; no work; day off   more... »
lumabas-pasok : [verb] to go in and out   more... »
maglabas-pasok : [verb] to go in and out; to enter and exit   more... »

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