Root: tapos

tapos is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root tapos:
~ related to finishing, concluding, completing (something)

Tapos Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "tapos"

tapos : [noun] then; afterwards; end; finished; done; complete; concluded; conclusion; last in a series   more... »
tapós : [adjective] finished; completed; accomplished; being all done   more... »
matapos : [verb] to finish (AF); to end (AF); to finish something (OF)   more... »
matapos : [adverb] after   more... »
pagkatapos : [adverb] then; and then; and afterwards; after; afterward; after doing; next; [noun] the manner in which something was completed   more... »
tapusin : [verb] to finish something; to finish something off; to complete something; to conclude something   more... »
makatapós : [verb] to be able to graduate   more... »
makatapos : [verb] to be able to complete; to be able to finish something; to achieve   more... »
magtapós : [verb] to graduate; to finish   more... »
katapusán : [noun] end; conclusion; terminal stage   more... »
pagtapos : [noun] completion; perfection; termination   more... »
patapós : on the way to being finished with; headed to the end; headed to be finished   more... »
makapagtapós : [verb] to be able to finish; to be able to graduate   more... »
katatapos : [adjective] recently concluded; just finished   more... »
pagtatapós : [noun] finishing; graduating; graduation   more... »
tumapos : [verb] to finish   more... »
patapusin : [verb] to let something finish; to let someone finish   more... »
tapusan : [noun] last day of 9 days prayers (novena) or period of mourning   more... »
tapos na : [adjective] done; over; finished   more... »
ipatapos : [verb] to have someone finish something; to let someone finish something   more... »
pananapos : ending; finishing   more... »
pagkatapos noón : after that; after then   more... »
waláng katapusán : [adjective] never ending; endless   more... »

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