Root: sabi

sabi is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root sabi:
~ related to saying (something), statement

Sabi Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "sabi"

sabihin : [verb] to say something; to tell something; to allege something; to declare something; * focus on the thing being said   more... »
sabi : [noun] said; stated; statement; according to; shorthand for the verb conjugation "sinabi"   more... »
sinabi : [noun] word; words; said   more... »
masabi : [verb] to say something; to be able to say something; to mention something; to comment on something; to bring something to attention   more... »
magsabi : [verb] to say; to tell; to state; to mention; to make known; to allege; to declare   more... »
sabihan : [verb] to tell something to someone; to give notice to someone; to admonish someone; * focus on the person being talked to   more... »
nasabi : [adjective] aforementioned   more... »
masabihan : [verb] to be able to say to someone; to happen to say to someone   more... »
pagsabihan : [verb] to reprimand someone; to scold someone; to correct someone; to say something to someone; * focus on the person being talked to   more... »
pinagsasabí : [noun] suggesting; saying; talking about; alleging; allegation; assertion without proof;   more... »
kasabihán : [noun] proverb; household word; expression; byword; saying; precept; idiom; adage   more... »
mapagsabihan : [verb] to be able to say something to someone; to be able to reprimand someone   more... »
pasabi : [noun] notification; sent message; notice   more... »
pakisabi : [phrase] please tell; please say   more... »
pagsasabi : [noun] saying; telling   more... »
makapagsabi : [verb] to be able to say; to be able to tell/relay   more... »
kakasabi : just said   more... »
sábi-sabi : [noun] hearsay; rumor; myth   more... »
pagkasabi : [noun] saying something; saying; the way something was said; upon saying   more... »
magsabihán : [verb] to tell each other; to share with each other; (reciprocal verb)   more... »
ansabe : short for "anong sinabi" = "what was said" or "what do you say"   more... »
ipagsabí : [verb] to spread the word around to someone; to tell anyone; to gossip to someone; to tell something on behalf of   more... »
magpasabi : [verb] to have (someone) tell   more... »
ipasabi : [verb] to have someone relay a message; to make someone say something; * focus on the thing said / the message given   more... »
ebas : [slang] said / talking (derived from "sabi")   more... »
anikó : I said ("sabi ko" variant)   more... »
sabi ninó? : [phrase] said / says who? / who said?   more... »
Sinabi mo! : [interjection] Exactly! You betcha! You bet!   more... »
waláng sinabi : [adjective] loser; no match   more... »
waláng sinasabi : [adjective] mum; silent; with nothing to say   more... »
waláng sabi-sabing : [expression] without a word; without saying anything   more... »

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