Root: sama

sama is a common word root in the Filipino language.

Meaning of the root sama:
~ related to 1.) joining, going with; 2.) being bad or evil

Sama Words and Definitions:

Example words using the Filipino / Tagalog root "sama"

kasama : [noun] companion; housemate; associate; chaperone; comrade; anything that goes with something; [adjective] together with; fellow; accompanied with; staying with   more... »
masama : [verb] to be able to join   more... »
masamâ : [adjective] bad; wrong; awful; mean; evil; immoral; unjust; harmful; corrupt; devious   more... »
samâ : [noun] wickedness; badness; evil; hatred   more... »
sumama : [verb] to accompany; to go with; to join; to go along with   more... »
sumamâ : [verb] to become bad; to become evil; to deteriorate; to degenerate; to become worse; to be unlucky   more... »
isama : [verb] to take something/someone along; to bring something; to incorporate something; to include something; to append something; * focus on the thing being included/taken along/incorporated   more... »
makasama : [verb] to be able to join   more... »
makasama : [verb] to be able join someone; to be able to be with someone   more... »
makasamâ : [verb] to be disadvantageous; to be harmful; to be detrimental   more... »
samahan : [verb] to accompany someone; to be with someone   more... »
magkasama : [verb] to be companions; to be together; to live together; to be associated with * plural verb   more... »
samahán : [noun] organization; association; collective; group; company; corporation; guild;   more... »
magkasama : [adjective] being together; together; the two; companion   more... »
samaín : [verb] to be unlucky with something; to fail something   more... »
magsama : [verb] to bring along; to be together; to take (someone) along; to unite; to combine; to blend; to consolidate; to embody; to live together   more... »
makisama : [verb] to get along with   more... »
kasamahán : [noun] companion in a group or company; colleague   more... »
pagsamahin : [verb] to combine something; to have things put together / joined   more... »
mapasama : [verb] to happen to be included or accidentally be included; to belong; to be one of; to convince someone to join   more... »
mapasamâ : [verb] to turn out bad; to become evil   more... »
kasamaán : [noun] wickedness; evil; atrocity; corruption; badness   more... »
pakikisama : [noun] Filipino concept of smooth interpersonal relations; group loyalty; adapting to others; getting along; company; society; companionship;   more... »
pagsasama : [noun] being together; marriage; companionship; coalition   more... »
magpasama : [verb] to let come along   more... »
sáma-sama : [noun] togetherness; being together; [adjective] together   more... »
maisama : [verb] to be able to take something/someone along; to be able to bring something; to be able to incorporate something; to be able to include something   more... »
pinágsamahan : [noun] relationship; bond   more... »
pakisamahan : [noun] getting along with   more... »
magsáma-sama : [verb] to stay together in a group; to flock;   more... »
pagsama : [noun] joining; joining along; accompanying; coming along   more... »
masamaín : [verb] to take something wrong; to take something the wrong way; to take something poorly; to turn bad; to take a turn for the worse   more... »
masamahan : [verb] to be able to be with someone; to be able to accompany someone   more... »
pinagsáma-sama : [adjective] gathered; collected   more... »
samaán : [verb] to make something bad; to have something turn bad   more... »
napakasamâ : [adjective] atrocious; very wicked; awful   more... »
pagsasáma-sama : [noun] merging   more... »
pasamaín : [verb] to corrupt; to debauch; to make someone evil   more... »
ikasamâ : [verb] to be the reason for becoming bad   more... »
pinakamasamá : [adjective] worst; most evil; most harmful   more... »
kasáma-sama : [noun] constant companion   more... »
ubod ng samâ : [phrase] depraved; vicious; wretched; very bad   more... »
mabuting pakikisama : [noun] good will; friendliness   more... »

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